Does Craft mean power in German?

Does Craft mean power in German?

“So, Kraft means power, strength and kräftig means strong.

How do you say craft in other languages?

In other languages craft

  1. Arabic: مَرْكَب
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: artesanato.
  3. Chinese: 工艺
  4. Croatian: plovilo.
  5. Czech: letoun.
  6. Danish: håndværk.
  7. Dutch: schip.
  8. European Spanish: nave.

What is DIY in German?

[diːaɪˈwaɪ] (Brit) abbreviation of do-it-yourself. Do-it-yourself nt, Heimwerken nt. she was doing some DIY over the weekend sie machte am Wochenende einige Heimwerkerarbeiten.

Is Kraft German?

Kraft is a German surname that means “strength”, “power”. Notable people with the surname include: 1455-1509), German sculptor. Antonín Kraft (1749-1820), Czech cellist and composer.

What is the root word of craft?

craft Add to list Share. Another meaning of the noun craft is “vehicle,” especially a boat or an airplane. The Old English root word, cræft, originally meant “power or physical strength.”

What is the synonym of handicraft?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for handicraft, like: creation, craftsmanship, handiwork, trade, embroidery, workmanship, artwork, skill, vocation, handcraft and handwork.

How do you say handmade in different languages?

In other languages handmade

  1. American English: handmade /hændˈmeɪd/
  2. Arabic: يَدَوِيّ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: feito à mão.
  4. Chinese: 手工制作的
  5. Croatian: ručno rađen.
  6. Czech: ručně vyrobený
  7. Danish: håndlavet.
  8. Dutch: handgemaakt.

What kind of name is Kraft?

Kraft is a German surname that means “strength”, “power”.

What does Kraft means in English?

Definition of kraft : a strong paper or cardboard made from wood pulp produced from wood chips boiled in an alkaline solution containing sodium sulfate.


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