Does ICQ chat still exist?

Does ICQ chat still exist?

Some may be surprised to learn that ICQ is still around and is being actively developed. The latest stable release in desktop was two months ago, version 10.0. 36981, while Android and iOS apps were updated in the last month.

How do I open an ICQ file?

On the site

  1. Go to
  2. Accept “The ICQ New User License Agreement”.
  3. Select the country code and enter the phone number.
  4. Click “Sign In”.
  5. Enter the code from SMS.
  6. Put some information about yourself.

Who bought ICQ?

AOL has officially sold instant messaging service ICQ to Russian investor DST for $187.5 million.

How do I recover my old ICQ account?

You can recover your account password only if an email or phone number is associated with it and you have access to them.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email or phone.
  3. Enter confirmation code.
  4. Click “Confirm”.

Is ICQ coming back?

In case anyone’s still out of the loop, ICQ is the progenitor of all modern messengers. The first among the pioneers, it recently turned 20.

What came before ICQ?

Modern, Internet-wide, GUI-based messaging clients as they are known today, began to take off in the mid-1990s with PowWow, ICQ, and AOL Instant Messenger. Similar functionality was offered by CU-SeeMe in 1992; though primarily an audio/video chat link, users could also send textual messages to each other.

Where do I see my ICQ number?

Now you have your ICQ account! But at the moment, you can only login with Kopete using UINs (Unified Identification Number). ICQ does not show you your UIN by default. You have to go with your browser to and login there….
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Was ICQ social media?

Arguably the earliest examples of social media proper were personal Instant Messaging services such as ICQ (launched in November 1996), AOL Instant Mesenger or AIM (1997), Yahoo! Messenger (1998) and MSN Messenger (1999). Friendships formed in chat rooms fed across into instant messaging networks.

What’s ICQ number?

ICQ users are identified and distinguished from one another by UIN, or User Identification Numbers, distributed in sequential order. The UIN was invented by Mirabilis, as the user name assigned to each user upon registration.


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