Does Luigi have a meteor smash?

Does Luigi have a meteor smash?

LuigiEdit. Down aerial – Meteor smashes during the first frame of the move. Down taunt – Meteor smashes with exceptionally high set knockback, being the strongest conventional meteor smash in the game with set knockback.

How do you do Luigi down taunt?

Taunts. Up Taunt: Rapidly switches between five different expressions. The first is Luigi facing toward the screen with his legs apart and left hand on his hip, giving a peace sign while having a deadpan look on his face. The second has Luigi looking scared while hunched over and pointing to the left.

Who has the best meteor smash?


Rank Character/Meteor smash Knockback Scaling
1. Ganondorf’s down aerial 57.17
2. Ike’s down aerial 42.82
3. Ganondorf’s Wizard’s Foot* (aerial) 40.43
4. Ike’s down tilt 38.04

What cancels meteor?

Meteor canceling is the act of instantly negating the downwards knockback of a meteor smash by jumping or using an up special after being hit.

What are meteor smashes?

A meteor smash is a type of attack in the. Super Smash Bros. series that strikes opponents downwards, as opposed to horizontally or vertically like most attacks. Meteor smashes are primarily designed to KO or gimp recovering opponents at especially low damages.

What is Donkey Kong meteor smash?

Donkey Kong Headbutt – Meteor smashes airborne opponents when hit with the lower hitbox. Hand Slap – Meteor smashes with the second hit.

What is meteor smash?

What is the strongest spike in smash?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Top 10 Most Powerful Spikes

  1. 1 King K Rool – Back Air. The only spike that can rival Mario’s.
  2. 2 Mario – Forward Air.
  3. 3 Wii Fit Trainer – Header.
  4. 4 Zero Suit Samus – Flip Kick.
  5. 5 Pichu/Pikachu – Thunder.
  6. 6 Snake – Forward Air.
  7. 7 Donkey Kong – Aerial Hand Slap.
  8. 8 R.O.B – Down Air.

Does Dr Mario Forward Air Spike?

Forward Air: Mario does a aerial punch like Mario, but it has not spike hitbox. Instead, it has a strong horizontal hitbox. The sourspot deals 10% damage and lower knockback.

What is the strongest spike in smash Ultimate?

What is meteor smash in Ultimate?


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