Does Polaris make a Ranger Diesel?

Does Polaris make a Ranger Diesel?

One year ago in April 2019, Polaris launched its latest addition to the Ranger line-up with the brand-new Ranger Diesel, representing years of research and development to create the ultimate agricultural vehicle, inspired by its users.

Are Polaris Ranger diesels any good?

Closing Thoughts On Diesel Polaris Rangers The huge low-end RPM torque, fuel efficiency, and reliability of a diesel Ranger makes it the perfect machine for some riders. Diesel Rangers have great trail manners, and they can tow just about anything you’d ever want towed.

Does Polaris have a diesel UTV?

Polaris RANGER DIESEL Four Wheelers With a monstrous class-leading 2,000 lbs. towing capacity and standard 2” receiver, the RANGER Diesel allows you to tackle the toughest jobs with confidence.

Does Polaris have a diesel engine?

A new Kubota engine, uprated suspension and redesigned cab mean Polaris now has a farm-friendly Ranger Diesel to match its petrol-powered range….

Polaris Ranger Diesel
Engine 898cc, three-cylinder Kubota
Suspension Dual A-arms, 29.7cm travel
Ground clearance 33cm
Payload capacity 720kg

Who makes the diesel engine for Polaris?

Kohler Engines
Kohler Engines has announced that its 1028cc, 3-cylinder KOHLER Diesel engine is now powering two Polaris off-road vehicles.

How fast does Polaris Ranger diesel go?

Where a tuned-up standard Ranger could hit 75-80 MPH, the same Crew-Cab machine would hit 65-70 MPH. The speed limiter in the 2020-and-newer Ranger Crew models is higher than the previous years (65 MPH), so even without any mods, something like the 2021 Ranger Northstar Crew will do 65 MPH stock.

How fast will a Polaris Ranger diesel go?

Are diesel UTV any good?

Fuel capacity and economy The UTVs which are powered by diesel have a better overall fuel economy. They tend to have better gas mileage, which is good because they usually have smaller fuel tanks. Less diesel will last longer in your UTV, so even for a higher pump price, they are highly cost-effective.

How much is a Polaris Ranger Diesel?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $13,799 $14,590
Options (Add)
Total Price $13,799 $14,590
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How fast does Polaris Ranger Diesel go?

Are Diesel UTV any good?

Are Polaris Rangers gas or diesel?

Most Polaris Off-Road Vehicles require unleaded gasoline with a minimum pump octane number of 87. Do not use fuel with an ethanol content greater than 10 percent. Octane in excess of 87 will not damage the engine but typically will not result in performance gains.

What should I look for when buying a Polaris Ranger Diesel?

You should take in to consideration that Polaris has a very poor air intake design that is used on many of their models, including the Diesel. Make sure you check and clean your air filter regularly and replace as needed. Also, make sure that the air box is closed properly after cleaning.

What is the 2019 Polaris Ranger line-up?

The Polaris Ranger line-up for model year 2019 consists of the following models: RANGER 570 in Sage Green RANGER 570 with EPS in Sage Green RANGER EV in Avalanche Grey

How much does a Polaris Ranger 500 cost?

Legendary RANGER work ethic coupled with just the right performance options, the smoothest ride and seamless accessory integration — including Polaris-exclusive Lock & Ride — all in a compact and affordable 2-seat size. RANGER 500 Starting at $9,499 US MSRP Built for refined comfort and excellent value, to work all day.

What makes the Ranger Diesel so special?

With the highest top speed in its class of 65kph, the RANGER DIESEL is built for the heavy-duty long haul. Enhanced ergonomics with the upgraded chassis The exterior design captures the essence of RANGER, boasting an aggressive style with its all-new one-piece chassis.


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