Does Saudi Arabia have Sephora?

Does Saudi Arabia have Sephora?

Courtesy of Sephora Middle East. Following the launch of in the UAE last year, the beauty giant continues its expansion in the Middle East with the launch of an e-commerce platform in Saudi Arabia.

Does Sephora ship to Qatar?

Your Sephora purchases delivered to your door in Qatar by ColisExpat.

Does Sephora ship to Saudi Arabia?

Sephora currently does not ship to Saudi Arabia.

How many Sephora stores are in KSA?

Sephora has grown exponentially in the region to 66 stores in five markets (UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait) with its flagship store in Dubai Mall ranking as the number one store worldwide.

Does Sephora ship to Norway?

Sephora offers international shipping through our partnership with global e-commerce provider Borderfree. By placing an international order, you acknowledge that your transaction will be with Borderfree. Your customer service needs will be handled directly by Sephora.

Does Sephora ship to Sri Lanka?

Sephora Sri Lanka. Welcome! Unfortunately, your web browser does not have JavaScript enabled at this moment, which will cause errors if you proceed on our website….Now Shipping worldwide.

Country Service Cost
Sri Lanka DHL Express 11 USD

How long does Sephora UAE take to deliver?

We offer FREE standard delivery within 2-3 business days on all merchandise orders of 250AED and over. Order online in Dubai before noon and have it delivered in the same day. You have the right to change your mind for 30 days after date of purchase.

Does Sephora do cash on delivery?

Apple Pay is available on the Sephora Middle East app, for orders placed in UAE. Cash on Delivery (“COD”): Cash on delivery is permitted in the UAE for up to 1,000 AED.

Does Sephora US ship internationally?

Sephora U.S. currently ships to the contiguous 48 U.S. states, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and to the following international locations: Japan. Shipping to other international destinations and U.S territories (such as Guam) is unavailable at this time.


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