Does Trane use BACnet?

Does Trane use BACnet?

Trane, the Circle Logo, and Air‐Fi are trademarks of Trane in the United States and other countries. BTL, BACnet Testing Laboratories, the BTL Logo and the BACnet International logo are registered trademarks of BACnet® International. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth Sig, Inc.

What is Trane BACnet?

Existing thermostat wire and junction box and conduit can often be re-used to reduce installation hardware and labor cost. A hinged PCB board, removable terminal blocks, and onboard configuration can further reduce installation and commissioning time and expense.

What is Trane synchrony?

The Tracer® Synchrony® user interface is so easy to navigate and use, it keeps the full potential of Tracer SC+ accessible forever—by eliminating the need for repeated operator training. Tracer SC+ ships with Tracer Synchrony – a modern, intuitive User Interface (UI). …

Are Trane controls proprietary?

Benefits Of Upgrading A Trane Building Automation System A Trane BAS is a proprietary system, also known as a “closed” system.

What is Tracer SC+?

Tracer® SC+ is a powerful building automation system for your facility that will integrate systems to simplify command and give you better control over comfort and energy efficiency. Trane® delivers its proven systems knowledge to every job through comprehensive, factory-engineered applications.

What is Tracer Summit?

The Tracer Summit building automation system (BAS) provides building control through a single, integrated system. Tracer Summit can control any type of HVAC equipment, but gives the additional benefits of an Integrated Comfort system when it is linked with Trane HVAC equipment.

Is there a Trane app?

Download the App The first step to controlling your HVAC system with your smartphone is to download the right app. The app can be downloaded to your iOS, Android, or Windows device and use it to control not only your Wi-Fi-enabled Trane thermostat but also any other Nexia-compatible smart home products.

Is Tracer Summit BACnet?

Tracer Summit PC Workstation Version 11 and higher software supports BACnet/IP communications. This capability enables customers to integrate their building automation system into their existing Ethernet/IP networks.

Does the tracer BACnet setup tool work with the uc800?

The Tracer BACnet Setup Tool is a FREE simple software tool for adjusting BACnet protocol settings and controller units (ip/si/custom) on Trane BACnet controllers such as the UC400, UC600, BCI-R, BCI-I, and BCI-C. BACnet Setup Tool will not work with a UC800 and requires Tracer TU to changed baud rate and set the device ID.

How do I set up BACnet?

Navigate to the “Controller Setting” tab and setup the BACnet parameters per your Integrator’s / Automation System’s needs settings. The defaults settings are: Controller Units / Device Units – SI, Protocol – baud rate = 76800, Device ID = rotary dial address. Remember that only addresses 1-127 are valid.

How do I download Trane design and analysis?

If you are unable to use the link above, you can manually navigate to the file through the public website ->Commercial->Products and Systems->Design and Analysis Tools ->Download Center ->Software Download Center. Set filter to Building Controls, All Resources, then search.

What are the default BACnet controller units settings?

The defaults settings are: Controller Units / Device Units – SI, Protocol – baud rate = 76800, Device ID = rotary dial address. Remember that only addresses 1-127 are valid. Device Units: (units of measure) SI, IP or Custom is how the point value will be communicated to the BAS. Select the BACnet Controller Units per your integration need


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