Eight methods of writing the convincing story

Whether this story is fictional or not, there is a less intrusive methods known letters that you can use to make it more attractive. Sometimes all you need to remember a little boom and how new ideas, such as cerebral bushfire came. In the article we will look at eight of reliable methods you can use to make the reader deeper personal involvement.


1) Almighty Propaganda

Not too dark or not, but look how well certain governments and corporations have used throughout the history of modern propaganda to convince the masses, any number of strange things.

Repeat the subject of history in different ways?

Creating characters that deepen the story, by increasing your point or pull it apart?

If you need to feel the reader or bizarre to see something that bears repeating.

Look at the facts: if you repeat a theme, moral, or even a marketing slogan to be someone with a history of about ten times in a short period you were sealed it in their minds. For instance, the same show the same scene, or to make the same impression in a number of different ways, such as promoting the fine and creative.

2) Justify – all will do what

Give readers a good reason, they should continue to the next section, to buy a product with character or even seriously as a writer. One of the most powerful words in the main arsenal of “because.”

Why because? Who then? When? So what? All that has to be, because for him to buy in one form or another for the reader, what kind of story you are selling. In addition, there is a key; your reasons do not have to be technically useful.

Of course, the scientific literature is situational, but writing as a whole and for the sale of copies of fiction must be a reason good enough to be convincing, is not it? Since most people emotionally, there is in the department of reasoning large gray area.

3) Successive rises

Slides are awesome, but they are also mentally tiring. If you want readers to nuts, and they have to ask for the CTA (call to action), and then build your story with a steady upward momentum. Think about it. From a psychological point of view,

What human society is based on the sequence? Electrical networks, entertainment, work, etc. Our thoughts are programmed, so that we are not contradictory. Therefore, the sequence must be woven into the fabric of your writing convincing.

4) A generous social proofreader

Social proof on tapping into other rooted feature – the need to adopt. Whether we want to admit it or not, we like to do what everyone else is doing. A simple example, pretend that you have a choice between two products of equal quality and price. It has customer reviews, praising his virtues, while the other does not.

What do you think about 8 out of 10 people go with? Now, these products may be incorrect. It is not for us to check their validity. Once you learn to recognize the social proof, you begin to see it in writing in all the most powerful, regardless of genre.

5) Parable, allegory, metaphor and Similes

You could throw the myths in this list. This material reduces the human spirit into a frenzy. Stealth and difficult part to make it original. How many creative, funny and ironic comparisons (comparison), you can make between mouse and man?

Metaphors get complex ideas in a digestible way through the story. They make direct connections indirectly. Allegories are tough. Try one of them on. Think outside Plato time “allegory of the cave.”

There is perhaps nothing more powerful than the proper and effective use of these tools. You can dramatically sweeping head directly on the hands and feet (see what I just did)? Examine it and whenever you use them.

6) Reference to the human animal

Lens people as all the other being at least in a physical sense. We are regulated to a certain extent instincts. These instincts to return hundreds of thousands of years. Jealousy, envy, adoption in the trunk, etc. If you really want to grab someone, they pack the tribe. We all understand the concept of “tribe”. Modern strains everywhere!

7) Uncontrolled and more structured madness

Be crazy. Make an unexpected and throw a few proverbs BIC lighters in the fire, when nobody is looking. Upset trunk. The key is to manage only to true chaos in the near future. If you hold it too long, writing is subtle and all connections are lost. Structure of insanity.

8) Get psychological

Finally, if your letter should go to develop psychologically. It is all psychological help. Become the captain of this ship, and not a man in the crow’s nest. As a writer, you have control over your driving history, not spectators. Use your mind as a credible sailing.

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