How can I become a registered pharmacist in Malaysia?

How can I become a registered pharmacist in Malaysia?

In order to be eligible for registration with the Pharmacy Board, Ministry of Health, Malaysia, all pharmacy graduates must pass the forensic pharmacy examination and undergo a 12 month pupilage (or housemanship) in a hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy or pharmaceutical factory approved by the Pharmacy Board.

What does B Pharm MPS stand for?

All pharmacy students, pre-registration pharmacists and pharmacists are eligible for membership. Members can use the post-nominal MPS (members of the Pharmaceutical Society).

What is PRP pharmacist?

The provisional training for Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (PRP) must be carried out at the training premises listed under the Second Schedule of the Pharmacists Registration Act 1951. The premises are categorized into public and private training premises as follows: Training Premises Under MOH.

How do you become a MPS member?

Membership is open only to those who qualify under the MPS Constitution and is subjected to approval by the Council. It is also NOT NECESSARY to submit in any certificates. All membership is from 1st January till 31st December for each year, irrespective of the date you join or renew.

How can I get PRP in Malaysia?

Applicant must submit the application to the selected private premise (recognized premise by Pharmacy Board Malaysia) as listed in the website 2. The employer may conduct an interview session (if necessary) on any appropriate date. 3. Successful applicant will be given a job offer letter.

What is provisionally registered Pharmacist?

1.1 The Registration of Pharmacists Act (Amendment) 2003 stipulates that a person who is provisionally registered shall be required to obtain experience immediately upon being provisionally registered, engage in employment as a pharmacist to the satisfaction of the Pharmacy Board for a period of not less than one year.

What is MPS?

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) is a master’s degree that combines the focused study of traditional graduate degrees (such as the Master of Arts or Master of Science) with the specialized, industry-specific skills you can immediately put to use in the workplace.

What is provisional registered pharmacist?

What does MPS mean?


Acronym Definition
MPS Meters Per Second
MPS Master of Professional Studies (degree)
MPS Murata Power Solutions (electronics; various locations)
MPS Microsoft Provisioning System

How do I renew my MPS?

To renew your Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) permit, you can:

  1. complete an application form and lodge it at a service centre, or.
  2. visit Apply for, replace, or renew a Mobility Parking Scheme permit online.

What is PRP injection?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are gaining popularity for a variety of conditions, from sports injuries to hair loss. The treatment uses a patient’s own blood cells to accelerate healing in a specific area.


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