How can I do my homework faster Reddit?

How can I do my homework faster Reddit?

Tips so I can finish my homework fasterWork incrementally with goal setting. When I sit down to start working/studying I make sure all distractions are away from me. Start with the hardest/least interesting stuff for you – move to the easier/most interesting stuff as you get fatigued. Find study partners who are serious.

How do I know if respondus is recording me?

Respondus Monitor is the webcam component of LockDown Browser. For exams that require Monitor, if you are being successfully recorded, in the upper right of your screen you’ll see the camera icon and text which says “Recording.” You will not see your image.

Can you cheat on respondus monitor?

Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor can make it more difficult to cheat, but cannot fully prevent it. Provide an accessible testing environment to all students. Allow students to open a supplemental document to use while taking the exam. You will have to link any supplemental document to the quiz.


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