How can I speak to someone at Volaris?

How can I speak to someone at Volaris?

Call our Call Center at 1102-8000 within Mexico City and Metropolitan Area or 01-800-122-8000 toll- free from the rest of Mexico, Page 7 or 1(866) 988-3527 in the U.S. selecting “Customer Service” as option 4 • By lifting a ticket in the following link: • You can also write to …

Does Volaris refund?

You are entitled to cancel your domestic flight and get a refund by notifying Volaris within 24 hours after the ticket was purchased and provided you have not checked in for the flight, either by electronic means or at the airport; otherwise no refund shall apply.

Who is the owner of Volaris Airlines?

Enrique Beltranena

Parent company Vuela Compañia de Aviación
Headquarters Mexico City, Mexico
Key people Enrique Beltranena (CEO)

Is Volaris a real airline?

The second-largest airline in Mexico, Volaris (Y4) is a low-cost carrier that flies non-stop to about 50 destinations. The airline’s fleet is configured with just Economy Class seating, though passengers can pay more for preferred seating toward the front of the cabin, as well as seats with more legroom.

Does Volaris require a Covid test?

COVID-19 testing requirement You can get it at the airport on the day of your flight for $25 USD or less . *Plan and arrive at the airport 2 hours before the departure of your flight. The testing requirement also applies to passengers that have received the vaccine.

Does Volaris have free cancellation?

Unfortunately, Volaris does not allow cancellations for flights. Only for flights to and from the United States, you can cancel or change your reservation within the 24 hours following your purchase without any fees or penalties so long as the flight was booked 7 or more days before the departure date.

Can you get a refund if flight Cancelled?

Refund entitlements for your flight The US Department of Transportation says you are entitled to a refund of your ticket cost because of a cancellation or “significant delay” and you choose not to travel. This is the policy regardless of the reason the airlines cancels or delays the flight.

What country is Volaris from?

Mexico City, Mexico
Volaris/Place founded


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