How do I add a fingerprint scanner to my computer?

How do I add a fingerprint scanner to my computer?

  1. Press and hold the Windows (
  2. In the Search box type settings.
  3. In the search results list, touch or click Settings (App).
  4. Touch or click Accounts.
  5. Touch or click Sign-in options.
  6. In the Windows Hello section, touch or click Set up under Fingerprint.
  7. Touch or click Get started.
  8. Enter your PIN number.

Is a fingerprint scanner hardware or software?

Biometrics based on human physical traits generally come in the form of hardware devices like fingerprint readers, iris readers, and palm readers. Biometrics based on behavior traits often come in software form. For example, you may have a biometric software application that’s based on user keystrokes.

Can you install fingerprint reader?

Insert the software installation disc that came along with your fingerprint reader, into the disc drive of your computer. The installation disc has drivers that need to be installed to use the reader. Run the installer by choosing “Open with File Explorer”, then by opening the installer.

Can we use laptop fingerprint scanner as biometric?

To use the biometric fingerprint, the laptop should have a built-in fingerprint reader, or you can buy a standalone fingerprint reader and install it on your computer. For more information about installing and using a fingerprint reader, check the information that came with your computer.

Which interface is used in fingerprint sensor?

This module has a rich command set for operating functions such as to enroll/verify/identify fingerprints, read/write fingerprint template file, get fingerprint image and so on. It uses UART interface (3.3V level, TTL) to communicate with external devices.

What is a biometric sensor?

A biometric sensor is an identification and authentication device. These devices use automated methods of verifying or recognizing the identity, of a living person, based on a physical attribute. These attributes include fingerprints, facial images, iris and voice recognition.

What is biometric driver?

Fingerprint scanner driver allows biometric devices to communicate with your computer. The driver needs to be manually installed on your computer. Biometric devices are USB based and can get connected through a USB port of your computer. These devices help you capture fingerprint images and save it on your computer.

How do I turn on fingerprint sensor on Lenovo laptop?


  1. Select the Start. button.
  2. Select Settings > Accounts.
  3. Click Sign-in options on the left.
  4. Click Get started.
  5. Enter your PIN.
  6. Scan your finger on the fingerprint reader.
  7. Click Add Another to repeat the process with another finger, or close the program.

Why won’t my fingerprint sensor work on my laptop?

Check that your internet connection is strong and your device is connected, otherwise Windows Hello won’t work. Check for any dust or dirt on the fingerprint scanner as this would affect the reading. If it has any scratches on the sensor, get the machine repaired.


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