How do I delete a fullCalendar event?

How do I delete a fullCalendar event?

If you’re using FullCalendar V2, you need to use the removeEvents method. How do I get the eventid to remove? This is in the select: method, where my params are start, end, and jsEvent according to the docs.

How do I edit a fullCalendar event?

fullCalendar({ header: { left: ‘prev,next today’, center: ‘title’, right: ‘month,agendaWeek,agendaDay’, border: 0 }, eventClick: function(calEvent, jsEvent, view) { var title = prompt(‘Event Title:’, calEvent. title, { buttons: { Ok: true, Cancel: false} }); if (title) { var st = calEvent. start; var ed = calEvent.

How do I turn off drag and drop in fullCalendar event?

To disable event drag/drop conditionally (on a per-event basis) you can use the eventAllow option when initializing the fullcalendar object. The disableDragging is depricated from fullcalendar now. So to disable the drag you need to add editable: false in the place where you create the event object.

How do I add an event in fullCalendar?

Add Event Code:

  1. calendar. addEvent({
  2. title: ‘Add Event….’,
  3. start: 2020-02-18,
  4. allDay: true.

How do I create a dynamic event in Fullcalendar?

although it is not specified on the fullcalender site, it is necessary to assign a value to the “allday” parameter to be able to add new events dynamically. If you set this value to “false”, it will not add the event to the AllDay row. If you do “true” it will add to the AllDay row.

How do you get a clicked date in fullCalendar?

click(function(){ var fetchDate = $(this). data(“date”); $(“#displayDate”). text(fetchDate); });

How do I change the date format in fullCalendar?

Look at title_format option in fullcalendar documentation: and set desired format in fullcalendar options. You can also look here for format options for all calendar views.

How do I display events in fullCalendar?

Docs Event Display

  1. eventColor. Sets the background and border colors for all events on the calendar.
  2. eventBackgroundColor. Sets the background color for all events on the calendar.
  3. eventBorderColor.
  4. eventTextColor.
  5. eventDisplay.
  6. eventTimeFormat.
  7. displayEventTime.
  8. displayEventEnd.

How do you get a clicked Date in fullCalendar?

How do I create a dynamic event in fullCalendar?

How do I select multiple dates in fullCalendar?

1 Answer

  1. Allow the user to make a click+drag selection with selectable: true.
  2. In the select callback, add a background event with addEventSource .
  3. When adding the event, give it a custom property: block: true .
  4. Use a custom function for selectOverlap that returns false if event. block.


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