How do I display a specific category product in WooCommerce?

How do I display a specific category product in WooCommerce?

If you want to display product categories on your Shop page instead of just products, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Appearance > Customize.
  2. Then go to WooCommerce > Product Catalog.
  3. Select “Show categories” from Shop Page Display.
  4. Click on Save Changes.

How do I display a particular category product in WooCommerce shortcode?

These two shortcodes will display your product categories on any page. [product_category] – Will display products in a specified product category. [product_categories] – Will display all your product categories.

How do you display categories?

In menus, go to Appearance → Menus, select categories and click Add to Menus. In the sidebar, go to Appearance → Widgets, then choose the categories that you want to appear in the sidebar and click Add Widget. When you want to show subcategories in the sidebar, drag and drop categories to a Sidebar.

How do I display a category image in WooCommerce?

php if ( is_product_category() ){ global $wp_query; $cat = $wp_query->get_queried_object(); $thumbnail_id = get_woocommerce_term_meta( $cat->term_id, ‘thumbnail_id’, true ); $image = wp_get_attachment_url( $thumbnail_id ); echo “”; }?> This solution with few code.

How do you display product by category?

How to display products by category in WooCommerce (in 4 steps)

  1. Step 1: Group your products into relevant categories.
  2. Step 2: Install and activate the WooCommerce Product Table plugin.
  3. Step 3: Customize your product table settings.
  4. Step 4: Add your product category tables to your store.

How do I display products in WooCommerce?

Open the Customizer, click the WooCommerce option, and click on Product Catalog. For each of the Shop Page Display and Default Category Display options, select Show products. Save your changes by clicking Publish.

How do I show a specific category in a WordPress post?

You can start by providing a title for your widget and then scroll down to the ‘Filter by category’ section. From here, you can select the categories you want to show posts from.

How do I create a category page?

Category Pages and Menus

  1. Open the Customizer. (My Site(s) → Appearance → Customize)
  2. Go to Menus.
  3. Select the menu to edit.
  4. Click on Add Items.
  5. Select Categories.
  6. Click the Plus icon next to the Category you want to add.
  7. Click Publish to save the changes.

How do I show image categories in WordPress?

How To Add Feature Images To Your WordPress Categories

  1. Install and activate the WPCustom Category Images plugin.
  2. Add images to your categories in the Admin interface.
  3. Update your theme to display the images on the category page.

How do I show the category image thumbnail in WordPress?

You can install the plugin either through Plugins > Add New or through FTP. Once you have activated the plugin, go to Post > Categories. Now, you should be able to find the button “Set a thumbnail“. Clicking this button will display the WordPress Media Manager.

What is product category list for WooCommerce?

Product Category List for WooCommerce Product Category List for WooCommerce is a premium plugin with a number of customization options. It allows creating an awesome category based slider or grid. You can easily customize your product slider and display it anywhere on your website using shortcodes.

What is category slider in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce Category Slider plugins allow you to filter your Woocommerce product categories. They also provide a number of customization options to make your slider more attractive. Consequently, customers navigate the products easily. As a result, your sales can be increased. There are a number of plugins available in the marketplace.

How do I set up my WC product categories?

To set up your WC product categories, head over to your WP dashboard and navigate to Products > Categories. You’ll see an empty category list on the right side of the screen, and fields for entering new category information on the left:

How do I install WooCommerce product table?

In your Plugins list, navigate to WooCommerce Product Table’s settings: The first field will be for your license key. Enter it, and then save your changes. Your plugin is now fully installed, activated, and ready for use. Before you add tables to your website’s pages, you’ll want to customize them to fit your store’s needs.


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