How do I find my state legislator in PA?

How do I find my state legislator in PA?

To find your legislators, go to the PA General Assembly locator tool, then use the drop-down list in our Advocacy Record Keeping tool. The tool shows contact info, if they supported past reform efforts OR have signed on to new ones.

Who is my state senator in PA?

Pat Toomey (Republican Party)
Bob Casey Jr. (Democratic Party)

Where is Chrissy Houlahan from?

Patuxent River, MDChrissy Houlahan / Place of birth (NAVAIR)

Who is Senator Chester?

The artist is further represented in the Senate by a bust of Chief Justice Roger B. Taney. Arthur, Chester A….Chester A. Arthur.

Title Chester A. Arthur
Dimensions h. 30 x w. 29 x d. 15.75 in. ( h. 76.2 x w. 73.7 x d. 40 cm)
Credit Line U.S. Senate Collection
Accession Number 22.00020.000

Who are the legislators in PA?

Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Majority Party (R) Leadership Position Minority Party (D)
Kerry Benninghoff Floor Leader Joanna McClinton
Donna Oberlander Whip Jordan Harris
George Dunbar Caucus Chairperson Dan Miller
Martina White Caucus Secretary Tina Davis

Where did Chrissy Houlahan go to school?

St. George’s School
Stanford UniversityMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Chrissy Houlahan/Education

What committees is Patrick Toomey?

Pat Toomey
Preceded by Arlen Specter
Ranking Member of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee
Assumed office February 3, 2021

Who represents Chester County in Congress?

Pennsylvania’s 6th congressional district is a district in the state of Pennsylvania. It includes almost all of Chester County, the city of Reading, and Reading’s southeastern suburbs in Berks County. The district is represented by Democrat Chrissy Houlahan, who has served in Congress since 2019.

What district is Chrissy Houlahan in?

Representative (D) since 2019Chrissy Houlahan / Office

How many state legislators are there in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania General Assembly
Senators 50
State Representatives 203
Senate voting system First-past-the-post


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