How do I get alerts on both Apple Watch and iPhone?

How do I get alerts on both Apple Watch and iPhone?

If you turn off Wrist Detection (on your iPhone, in the Watch app, go to: My Watch > Passcode – turn off Wrist Detection), then all notification alerts will be delivered to both devices.

Why does my iPhone not ring when I have my Apple watch on?

You may not have sound enabled on your Phone settings. To check, open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap My Watch. Scroll down and select Phone, then, under Ringtone, make sure both Sound and Haptic are toggled on if you want your Watch to both ring and vibrate.

Why don’t I get notifications on my phone when I have my Apple watch on?

If you can’t see notifications on your Apple Watch Try to connect your iPhone and your Apple Watch. When your Apple Watch is locked or if you’ve turned on Do Not Disturb, your notifications will be sent to your iPhone: When your Apple Watch is locked, the lock icon appears on the watch face.

Why does my iPhone not notify me of texts when wearing an Apple watch?

The issue sfor those who dont know is by design, when using an iPhone and its locked it will route all text messages notifaction alerts to the iWatch. If the phone is unlocked it will not. Therefore a locked iphine will not notify you of a message with the text tone instead it comes out to the watch.

What does mirror my iPhone mean on Apple Watch?

To mirror your iPhone settings for your Apple Watch means to have the same settings you use on your iPhone on your Apple Watch. An example of this would be your notifications. If you choose to mirror the settings on your iPhone for notifications then those same settings are what your Apple Watch will use.

Why does my iPhone 11 not give me text notifications?

When you aren’t receiving iPhone message notifications, make sure the Messages app is permitted to show them on the Lock Screen, Notification Center, and elsewhere. To do this: Open Settings and tap Notifications > Messages. Ensure Allow Notifications is green.

Why does my iPhone only ring on my Apple Watch?

If your iPhone is unlocked, you will receive notifications on your iPhone instead of on your watch. If your iPhone is locked or asleep and your watch is unlocked (regardless of whether the watch screen is asleep or awake) and on your wrist, you will receive notifications on your watch.

Why doesn’t my phone ding when I have my watch on?

In the WATCH APP > Messages – set to Custom – Set “Repeat Alerts” to NEVER. Now, assuming you phone is locked, paired to an UNlocked watch: when you get a message with a custom text tone, the FIRST time it comes in, you will NOT hear the custom SMS tone, and your watch will chime.

Why won’t my Apple Watch ding when I get a text?

In the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, go to: My Watch > Messages – check your settings. For example, you might set this Custom and then, under Alerts, enable each of Show Alerts, Sound and Haptic.

Why does my Apple Watch not ding when I get a text?

How do I get notifications on both iPhone and Apple Watch 2021?

Customize your notification settings

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then tap the My Watch tab.
  2. Tap Notifications.
  3. Tap an app. Different apps have different options.
  4. If you customize an app’s notifications, you can also group notifications from that app.

What is the difference between custom and mirror my iPhone?

Select “Custom” instead of “Mirror my iPhone.” Select whether you’d like to receive email alerts on your wrist or not as well as selectively turn on or off specific mailbox alerts. If you choose to accept alerts, you’ll receive them as often as mail is fetched on your iPhone.


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