How do I get my kid into basketball?

How do I get my kid into basketball?

7 FUN Ways for Parents to Practice and “Sneak In” Basketball Skills with their Kids

  1. 1) Have Contests. Have a contest with your child…
  2. 2) Play Simon Says with Hand Signals.
  3. 3) Play Puzzle Games.
  4. 4) Play Knockout.
  5. 5) Play Dribble Knockout.
  6. 6) Play 1 on 1 with Variations.
  7. 7) Play the “Count Your Passes” game.

How can I help my daughter become a better basketball player?

Here’s what you can do to help your kid play their A-Game:

  1. Get Better at Praising Effort.
  2. Encourage Internal Motivation. A study of west point cadets showed that that people are motivated by internal factors more than external ones.
  3. Be Specific.
  4. Enjoy Yourself!
  5. Engage in Mental Performance Coaching.

Are there any good basketball videos on YouTube?

The YouTube basketball videos highlighted here cover basketball drills, training tips, plays and strategy. There is a wealth of basketball resources on YouTube but unfortunately the quality (and number of ads) can vary significantly.

How to improve your dribbling skills in basketball?

Basketball Dribbling Drills : The Rhythm Drill in Basketball – Run time: 1:29 The rhythm drill is another video for developing eye-hand coordinating for improving your ball handling and dribbling skills. This can help in becoming more comfortable handling the ball and in keeping defenderes off balance.

Is there a free basketball lesson with Kobe Bryant?

1. A Free Lesson With Kobe Bryant – Run Time: 7:36 L.A. Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant provides a set of basketball lessons useful to players at all levels.

Is there a video of shooting a basketball in slow motion?

Shooting a Basketball in SUPER Slow Motion – Run time: 3:39 This interesting video uses a high speed camera (1,000 fps) to dramatically slow down the action of shooting a basketball. The smooth, slow footage provides a very high level of detail of both ball and body movement for shooters showing excellent form.


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