How do I make my Blogger blog secure?

How do I make my Blogger blog secure?

To turn on HTTPS for your custom domain blog:

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. In the top left, click the Down arrow .
  3. Select the blog to update.
  4. In the left menu, click Settings Basic.
  5. On the right, under “HTTPS” and “HTTPS Availability,” select Yes.

Is Google Blogger private?

Public: Anyone on the web can access and read your blog. Private to authors: All authors of your blog can access and read it. Custom readers: Only the readers you invite can access and read your blog.

Why is Blogger not secure?

3. Fix the Errors. On my site the typical reason why a blog post is not secure is because of something called an insecure image call. Usually, this happens when I embed a banner ad in the body of my blog post or in my sidebar.

Is it safe to have a blog?

As a blogger, your own personal security is at risk. For one, if your name and contact info are made public through your blog (which is easier than you might think – see below), unscrupulous marketers can now inundate you with spam, junk mail, and telemarketing calls.

Should I use Blogger?

Blogger is a free blog hosting service by Google. Due to its ease-of-use and low costs, Blogger is a popular platform for beginners to create simple blogs. Users looking for more control over their blog’s appearance and functionality can self-host a site on

Can a blog be hacked?

Rest assured, hackers don’t generally go after individual bloggers. Most often they target web hosts who have weak spots within their system. These vulnerabilities allow hackers to deface multiple sites, even hundreds at a time. In 2011, this is exactly what happened to my web host’s server – we were all hacked.

Does BlogSpot have SSL certificate?

By default, Blogger has already enabled HTTPS on the free domain. So you don’t have to do anything about it. However, there is a small additional step you have to do to ensure every visitor to your blog will be served via HTTPS. On your Blogger dashboard, go to Settings > Basic > HTTPS.

Can I create a blog that is private?

Simply defined, it’s a blog that is protected with a password. With, you can create a private blog or restrict an existing blog to invited readers only by modifying its privacy settings. While password-protected blogs aren’t for everyone, there are some wise use cases for private blogging.

Are blogs secure?

What are the risks of blogging?

The main risks of external corporate blogging (some of which will be common to internal blogging) are:

  • Damage to an individual’s or company’s reputation.
  • Liability for infringement of intellectual property rights.
  • Liability for defamation or illegal content.
  • Leaking confidential information.
  • Harassment.


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