How do I make my LG Blu Ray player region free?

How do I make my LG Blu Ray player region free?

Blu Ray Region Free Hack Method 1 – blu ray region code remover

  1. (Works with most Blu Ray and DVD players)
  2. Power ON the DVD player with no disc.
  3. Wait for the “No Disc” message to show.
  4. Press PAUSE on the remote control.
  5. Enter 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9 on the remote control (CODE or FF appears on the TV)

How do I add apps to my LG Blu Ray player?

  1. On the supplied IR remote control, press the HOME button.
  2. Select the All Apps.
  3. Press the ENTER button.
  4. In the All Apps screen, select the app you want to add.
  5. Press the OPTIONS button.
  6. Select Add to My Apps.

Can Blu Ray Player be hacked?

Unsuspected Blu-Ray Players Vulnerabilities Present Open passage to Cybercriminals. A team of security researchers at NCC Group analyzed different Blu-ray players and found numerous exploitable vulnerabilities in them.

How do I change the area code on my LG Blu-Ray player?

Click Settings, and then click Movies. Click BD Settings (Blu-Ray disc settings). Click Region Selection. By default, the regional setting is set to Region A.

How do I change the region code on my LG Blu-Ray player?

Changing the region

  1. Turn your DVD or Blu-ray Player on and make sure there’s no disc inside.
  2. Using your remote, have a browse through the settings and look for Info, Setup or Preferences.
  3. Select your desired region code from the list above, kick back and take in those global titles!

Can I watch Netflix through my Blu-Ray player?

Link a Netflix account to the Blu-ray Disc player using a computer or the menu of the Blu-ray Disc player . After linking the account, you will be able to access Netflix from the Internet Video section in the menu of the Blu-ray Disc player.

What apps can you get on LG Blu-Ray player?


  • Blu-Ray/ DVD Playback. Yes. Premium Content Providers. Yes (VUDU, Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Napster)
  • Built-in WiFi. Yes.

Is UBP X700 region free?

Offering more than just an amazing picture, the UBP-X700 we sell is a region-free model. This allows it to work with any TV, any voltage (110 to 240 volts) and to play discs from any region in the world.


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