How do I merge branches in TortoiseSVN?

How do I merge branches in TortoiseSVN?

Merge Branch with Trunk

  1. Switch working copy by right clicking project root in Windows Explorer > TortoiseSVN > switch.
  2. Switch to the trunk then ok.
  3. Right click project root in Windows Explorer > TortoiseSVN > merge.
  4. Choose ‘Reintegrate a branch’
  5. In ‘From URL’ choose your branch then next.

How do I merge two SVN revisions?

To merge a range of revisions, use svn merge -r start:end from to where start and end are revision IDs. This will merge all revisions starting at start+1 up to and INCLUDING end . Note: it will NOT include the first revision (ex: -r3:45 will merge 4 through 45).

How do you resolve conflict in TortoiseSVN?

Right click on the Solutions folder, click TortoiseSVN -> Show Log. Right click the revision you want to revert, select “Revert Changes from this revision” Right click the conflicted folders, select “Resolved”. Commit your solution.

How do I create a merge request in svn?

To add a new merge request, simply go to the Merge Requests sub-tab of your desired SVN repository. Then, select the New Merge Request button to the right of the screen. From there, the source branch can be selected from the From dropdown menu. The target branch can also be selected under To.

What is reintegrate merge in svn?

In the svn book it says merge ‘s –reintegrate is “to merge all of the source URL’s changes into the working copy”.

What does Tortoise SVN resolve do?

You can use the Resolved command for multiple files if you right click on the parent folder and select TortoiseSVN → Resolved… This will bring up a dialog listing all conflicted files in that folder, and you can select which ones to mark as resolved.

What is TortoiseMerge?

This is where TortoiseMerge helps. It is a diff / merge software tool for Windows with a tight integration for TortoiseSVN.


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