How do I put Pokemon on my Action Replay diamond?

How do I put Pokemon on my Action Replay diamond?

To use Action Replay, enter the Pokémon Diamond Game ID: ADAE-636791c0. Then enter the following codes to get the corresponding cheat: When you enter cheats to get a specific item, the item shows up in slot 1 of your item bag, ball bag, or TM bag.

How do you activate Action Replay codes in pokemon platinum?

Pokemon Platinum Cheats

  1. 999999 Money. Action Replay. Press L & R to avtivate. Code: 94000130 FCFF0000. B2101D40 00000000. 00000090 000F423F. D2000000 00000000. DS | Submitted by Jalal.
  2. 9999 Battle Points. Action Replay. Press L & R To activate. Code: 94000130 FCFF0000. B2101D40 00000000. 10007248 0000270F. D2000000 00000000.

How do you enter cheat codes on Pokémon Diamond?

How to redeem Mystery Gift codes in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

  1. Open the main menu in your copy of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl.
  2. Select ‘Mystery Gift’, then ‘Get with Code/Password’
  3. Input your chosen code to claim your free gift.

How do you get Darkrai in Pokémon Diamond?

Where To Find Darkrai in BDSP

  1. Obtain the National Pokedex.
  2. Once you obtain a Membership Pass, go to Canalave City.
  3. Go to the Inn and sleep for the night.
  4. Once you wake up, there will be a diary next to you that will tell you the location of Darkrai.
  5. Speak to the Sailor, and he will take you to that Island.

What are the Action Replay codes for Pokemon platinum?

Pokemon Platinum Action Replay Codes DS US-EU · 001-Bulbasaur · 002-Ivysaur · 003-Veinesaur · 004-Charmandar · 005-Charmelon · 006-;… NDS Action Replay Pokemon Platinum DATEL, console NDS, distributore Datel, genere Action Replay, 7194801656863. 18 Sep 2009 … 1.

What do you need to activate Pokemon platinum cheats?

You are about to discover the most popular Pokemon Platinum cheats. But before we proceed, let’s talk about first the things needed to activate these cheats successfully. First off, Pokemon Platinum is a Nintendo DS game and to use cheats you need a DS emulator that supports action replay codes.

How do you unlock all the pokeballs in Pokemon Go?

Press R and hold it for a bit after you beat the Pokemon and you’ll get a ton of experience. Input the code and press L and R at the same time. Now open the menu and see the TM pocket to see all TMs and HMs unlocked. This code has the tendency to freeze or crash the game so be careful. Input the code of the Poke Ball that you want.

How to make a code have multiple activation keys at once?

That part indicates which button you press to activate the code. Then the activation key will become SELECT. Now to make a code have several activation keys at once, you take what is different about each key and put it in one, surrounded by the Fs.


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