How do I save Kendo grid data on button click?

How do I save Kendo grid data on button click?

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  1. function SaveECF() {
  2. $.ajax({
  3. url: ‘@Url.Action(“SaveECFProperty”, “ECFProperty”, Request.RequestContext.RouteData.Values)’ ,
  4. type: ‘POST’ ,
  5. traditional: true ,
  6. dataType: “json” ,
  7. contentType: “application/json” ,
  8. data: kendo.stringify({

How do I edit Kendo grid?

All you have to do to enable data editing capabilities for the widget is to:

  1. set the grid’s editable configuration option.
  2. declare field definitions through the DataSource schema.
  3. configure the DataSource for performing CRUD data operations defining its transport->create/update/destroy attributes.

How do I get the edited row in kendo grid?

get(e. model. get(“Id”)) gets the newly added row, but if multiple rows were added before saving, it will always get the first added row (“Id” is set to auto increment and is automatically generated by the database server, therefore all newly created rows will initially have 0 before saving).

How do I change my Kendo grid dataSource?

According to this question you could just set the dataSource Read url and refresh your grid data with something like that: var grid = $(“#grid”). data(“kendoGrid”); grid. dataSource.

How do I get data from Kendo grid?

If you want to get all pages of the filtered data you can use this: var dataSource = $(“#grid”). data(“kendoGrid”). dataSource; var filters = dataSource.

What is dataBound in kendo grid?

Fired when the widget is bound to data from its data source. The event handler function context (available via the this keyword) will be set to the widget instance.

How do I change my Kendo grid theme?

Customizing the Source Code Clone the kendo-themes GitHub repository. Install the dependencies for all themes with npm install && npx lerna bootstrap . Customize the theme variables in the packages/THEME_NAME/scss/_variables. scss files.

How do I make Kendo grid column not editable?

Preventing Editing for Specific Fields

  1. Set the editable option of the column to false .
  2. Omit the field declaration in the FormGroup . Copy Code public createFormGroup(dataItem: any): FormGroup { return this.
  3. Skip the calling of the editCell method from the cellClick event handler.

What is schema in kendo grid?

The configuration used to parse the remote service response.

How do I get all the rows in kendo grid?


  1. Save the current page size in a global variable by using the pageSize method of the Kendo UI dataSource.
  2. Show all the rows on a single page by using the pageSize method.
  3. Select all the rows by using the select method of the Kendo UI Grid.
  4. Bring back the old page size by using the pageSize method.


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