How do I sort in MongoDB?

How do I sort in MongoDB?

Set the Sort Order

  1. In the Query Bar, click Options.
  2. Enter the sort document into the Sort field. To specify ascending order for a field, set the field to 1 in the sort document. To specify descending order for a field, set the field and -1 in the sort documents.
  3. Click Find to run the query and view the updated results.

How do I sort an array element in MongoDB?

In order to sort array, follow these steps:

  1. use unwind to iterate through array.
  2. sort array.
  3. use group to merge objects of array into one array.
  4. then project other fields.

How do I sort by date in MongoDB?

Definition of MongoDB sort by date

  1. db.collection_name.find ().sort ( { name_of_date_field : 1 (Display the date in ascending order)} )
  2. db.collection_name.find ().sort ( { name_of_date_field : -1 (Display the date in descending order) } )

What is $project in MongoDB?

The $project takes a document that can specify the inclusion of fields, the suppression of the _id field, the addition of new fields, and the resetting of the values of existing fields. Adds a new field or resets the value of an existing field. Changed in version 3.6: MongoDB 3.6 adds the variable REMOVE .

How do you sort in Atlas?

Sorting with the Sort Command

  1. Right-click the column and choose Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.
  2. The item requests display in ascending or descending order according to your selection.

How does sorting with an index work in MongoDB?

Since indexes contain ordered records, MongoDB can obtain the results of a sort from an index with which includes the sort fields. MongoDB may use multiple indexes to support a sort operation if the sort uses the same indexes as the query predicate.

What is MongoDB in the MEAN stack?

MongoDB – document database

  • Express (.js) – Node.js web framework
  • React (.js) – a client-side JavaScript framework
  • Node (.js) – the premier JavaScript web server
  • What is the use of MongoDB?

    MongoDB is the core database underpinning SAP’s Platform-as-a-Service content management system. Facebook adapted the storage engine API, extending MongoDB into new workloads and new capabilities. Biotechnology corporation accelerates drug research using MongoDB to capture the variety of data generated by genetic tests.

    What is the query language for MongoDB?

    MongoDB uses JavaScript as the main query language. If you install MongoDB you will be able to see the JavaScript language interpreter is installed by default. In terms of query language you can choose from a variety of scripting languages for MongoDB like python, PHP or perl.


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