How do I withdraw money from tomorrows scholar?

How do I withdraw money from tomorrows scholar?

Complete this form to request a distribution from, or to establish a Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) on, your Tomorrow’s Scholar account. If you would like help completing this application, contact your financial advisor or call 1-866-677-6933. Information is also available online at

Is ScholarShare 529 good?

California may not sponsor as many 529 college savings plans as other states, but its direct-sold ScholarShare 529 Plan definitely stands out for its low fees and high maximum contribution limits. And even though you can’t contribute past the $529,000 limit, your money can still grow tax-free in the market.

Does VOYA offer 529 plans?

Help make college possible for your students by adding the Voya Tomorrow’s Scholar 529 Plan, a value added service offered by Voya Employee Benefits, a Division of ReliaStar Life Insurance Company. Tomorrow’s Scholar Group 529 Plan is a flexible and tax-advantaged way to for you to plan and pay for college.

What is the maximum 529 contribution Wisconsin?

Contributions to a Wisconsin 529 plan of up to $3,380 per beneficiary per year (any filing status) are deductible in computing Wisconsin taxable income. The maximum annual deductible will be increased annually to reflect inflation. Contribution deadline is April 15 of the year following the tax year.

How do I contribute to a 529 ScholarShare?

You can contribute to a ScholarShare 529 account by making a one-time contribution by check or electronic funds transfer, establishing a recurring contribution, payroll direct deposit, or a rollover from another 529 College Savings Program Account, Coverdell Education Savings Account or qualified U.S. savings bond.

Can I open a 529 for myself?

Regardless of your age, you can set up a Section 529 plan for yourself to fund educational expenses now or in the future. You can use the money in a 529 plan to upgrade your skills by just taking a few classes at a qualified college or trade school, or working towards a degree or advanced certificate.


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