How do you beat level 22 on Wild West?

How do you beat level 22 on Wild West?


  1. First, plant Sunflowers around the carts. Then, plant Iceberg Lettuces and Potato Mines for the first few zombies. Plant Bloomerangs on the fourth and fifth columns.
  2. Then, plant a Winter Melon on the most back cart and a Repeater on the second and third. The fourth cart is optional.

How do you get the Wild West Key in pvz2?

The player needs to use the key obtained in Pirate Seas – Day 25 to access Wild West. After defeating several zombie attacks, on the end of Day 7, a wanted poster showing a brain is shown, and the zombies offer 500 dollars for them. On Day 8, a note from Dr. Zomboss is presented, then a wave of zombies attacks.

How do you get the keys in Plants vs Zombies?

To find keys, you need to play levels. Keys do not drop every time you play a level, and sometimes multiple keys will drop during one level. If you are playing one of the levels to get a Star and you mess up on the objectives, you will still get any keys dropped if you finish the level anyway.

What happened to world keys in PvZ2?

They were removed in the 1.8 update and the worlds are unlocked with stars again. Additionally, a free World Key was given to all players since the 3.5.

What is the time rift in PVZ2?

The Timespace Riftformer Zombie is a powerful zombie in PVZ2 that creates rifts in the fabric of the universe. He is considered the “ultimate zombie threat.”

How do you get free keys in PvZ2?

What is Wild West – Day 22 in Plants vs Zombies 2?

Wild West – Day 22 is the 22nd level of Wild West in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is a Locked and Loaded level. To complete this level, the player needs to survive with the given plants. When this level is finished for the first time, the player obtains a Wild West pinata . The player will have some difficulty with this level.

How to get started in Wild West heroes?

Let’s get started: Wild West Heroes guide, tips, cheats & strategies: – (1) This game is quite grindy: a lot of resources will be needed to develop the heroes so that you can beat the powerful enemies at higher stages. Thankfully, the game generates resources while you are AFK or not playing the game.

What are the different types of characters in Wild West heroes?

There are three types of characters in the Wild West Heroes game: front role (tank), mid role (DPS), and back role (support). Front role or tank-type characters in the Wild West Heroes game possess great DEF/HP stats and protective skills.


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