How do you conjugate EU?

How do you conjugate EU?

  1. j’avais.
  2. il/elle avait.
  3. nous avions.
  4. vous aviez.
  5. ils/elles avaient.

What tense is J Avais EU?

French Verb Conjugations

Present Imperfect
j’ ai eu avais eu
tu as eu avais eu
il a eu avait eu
nous avons eu avions eu

How do you conjugate elle avoir?

Below you can find some examples of how to use avoir in this tense with the expression avoir peur (“to be scared”): J’ai peur de toi….The Avoir Conjugation in the Present Tense.

Singular Plural
J’ai – I have Nous avons – we have
Tu as – you have Vous avez – you have
Il/elle/on a – he/she/one has Ils/Elles ont – they have

What is the conjugation of aller in French?

French Verb Conjugations

Present Imperfect
je / j’ vais allais
tu vas allais
il va allait
nous allons allions

Is EU passe compose?

Here are some examples of passé composé conjugations….Have in Passé Composé – avoir.

Conjugation Usual translation
Il, elle, on a eu He/she/it had
Nous avons eu We had
Vous avez eu You (1 formal or plural) had
Ils, elles ont eu They had

What is the difference between J Ai EU and J Avais?

J’avais is the imperfect aspect, j’ai eu is the perfect aspect. Imperfect means the action of the verb is ongoing at the point of reference. Something that had been going on and was to last further.

How do you use j’ai eu?

That’s the passé composé of the verb “avoir”, you use “j’ai eu” when you want to say “I’ve had”. “Eu” is the past participle of “avoir”.

What group is avoir?

Auxiliary verbs. There are two auxiliary verbs in French: avoir (to have) and être (to be), used to conjugate compound tenses according to these rules: Transitive verbs (direct or indirect) in the active voice are conjugated with the verb avoir.


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