How do you enter cheats on Turok?

How do you enter cheats on Turok?

To use them, go to the Cheat Menu and enable the desired codes.

  2. LLSNMRTN — Invincibility.
  3. JFFSPNGDNBRG — Infinite lives.
  4. MGRLSGTM — All weapons.
  5. RHNSRLL — Unlimited ammo.
  6. TRNTNNQ — All maps.
  7. DGHTTSRS — All keys.
  8. TKMDKK — Show enemies.

What iS the big cheat for Turok?

The Big Cheat Enter “NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK” as a code. This will enable invincibility, all weapons, unlimited ammo, infinite lives, full map, big head, level skip, and warps (Long Hunter, Mantis, T-Rex, Campaigner).

How to use fly mode in Turok?

Go to the cheat menu screan, and activate fly mode.

Do Turok games have cheat codes?

The Turok games are well-known for having a variety of cheat codes. Most of the codes are a combination of letters that either spell out a phrase or represent a phrase or name. Cheat codes are occasionally given to the player during gameplay for achieving a specific goal, such as beating a level or defeating a boss.

How to use the charge dart rifle in Turok 2?

In Turok 2, the Charge Dart Rifle has different strengths to its shots depeding on how long you hold the Z button. Also, the longer you hold the button, the straighter and farther the shots will go. Here is how long you have to hold the Z button to attain the different levels… Red – Shocks the enemy for approx. 5 seconds.

How do you get your arrows back in Turok 2?

Everybody who has played Turok 2 shoud know that you can get reguler arrows back after you shoot the into an enemy or a wall. Well, if you shoot a tek arrow into an enemy and run up and grab it out of the enemy it will say you got a tek arrow, but the explosion will still happen and hurt or kill the enemy!

Is there a cheat for Dinosaur Hunter N64?

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Cheat N64 – Japanese Comments The Big Cheat — Enables cheats for Invincibility, Spirit Invincibility — Gives the player invincibility. Spirit Mode SSTHKLLCS Gives the player permanent Spiritual Inv All Weapons MGGTSCMSMGT Gives the player all weapons.


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