How do you find the physical activity?

How do you find the physical activity?

Physical activity can be defined as any movement of the body that requires energy expenditure. This includes any motion you do through the day excluding sitting still or lying down. For example, walking to class, taking the stairs, mowing the lawn, and even cleaning your house can be considered physical activity.

What will you do next if you see some missing buttons or there are holes in your shorts or t shirts?

Answer: Buy new buttons that same as the missing one and if there holes sew them.

How do you find activity Brainly?

Answer. At the top, tap Data & personalization. Under “Activity and timeline,” tap My Activity. View your activity: Browse through your activity, organized by day and time.

Is it something that you can emulate?

When someone is impressive because of their great skills, brains, strength, or accomplishments, others will emulate them. To emulate is to imitate and model yourself after someone. People emulate role models — people they want to be like.

What are the nature of anthropology sociology and political science Brainly?

Answer: Sociology is the general study of groups and group behaviour. Anthropology is the scientific study of cultures, both past and present. Political science is the study of power and power relations that exist between and among people.

What is the most important details about the nature and goals of anthropology?

Anthropology is the systematic study of humanity, with the goal of understanding our evolutionary origins, our distinctiveness as a species, and the great diversity in our forms of social existence across the world and through time.

What is the nature of anthropology?

Anthropology‎ | The Nature of Anthropology. Anthropology is the study of humans. There are four major subdivisions of this discipline: physical anthropology, linguistic anthropology, archaeology, and cultural anthropology. This course will concentrate on cultural anthropology.

What is nature of sociology?

Sociology is the generalizing and not a particularizing or individualizing science :- Sociology tries to find out the general laws or principles about human interaction and association, about the nature, from, content and the structure of human groups and societies. …

What are the main characteristics of sociology?

7 Main Characteristics of Sociology – Discussed!Sociology: a Generalising Science: Sociology: a Generalised Science: Sociology: a Social Science: Sociology: a Special Kind of Abstraction: Sociology: an Objective Science: Sociology: a Pure or Theoretical Science: Sociology: a Rational and Empirical Science:

What is the nature and goal of sociology?

Each pure science may have more than one application. Sociology is a pure science, because the immediate aim of sociology is the acquisition of knowledge about human society, not the utilization of that knowledge.

What is scope and nature?

is that scope is the breadth, depth or reach of a subject; a domain while nature is (lb) the natural world; consisting of all things unaffected by or predating human technology, production and design eg the ecosystem, the natural environment, virgin ground, unmodified species, laws of nature.

What is scope in accounting?

The scope of Accounting is wide and extends in business, trade, government, financial institutions, individuals and families and every other arena. The accounting principle is used in every step. Many think the accounting scope is only limited to financial transactions of a business concern but in fact, it is not true.

What is history nature and scope?

History is the study of life in society in the past, in all its aspect, in relation to present developments and future hopes. It is the story of man in time, an inquiry into the past based on evidence. History is, or should be an attempt to re-think the past.

What does scope mean?

the combined objectives and requirements


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