How do you get rubies on Goodgame Empire for free?

How do you get rubies on Goodgame Empire for free?

Earning Rubies

  1. Collecting the daily login bonus.
  2. Completing all 12 Daily tasks.
  3. Completing quests.
  4. Leveling up.
  5. Reach the certain achievement points.
  6. Attacking Robber Baron Castles.
  7. Attacking fortresses (eg. sand fortress yields 280 rubies)
  8. Attacking Berimond Watchtowers.

Is Goodgame Empire pay to win?

Goodgame Empire is a free-to-play (and pay-to-win), browser-based title all about establishing a perfect kingdom.

How do you spend rubies in Goodgame Empire?

Spend your rubies on bakery’s, especially in the main castle! Don’t spend rubies on decorations, if you need good decorations, participate in events or buy them from events. Spending a couple rubies on ruby defense tools is totally worth it, will give you a huge advantage in PvP.

What type of game is GoodGame Empire?

building strategy game
Goodgame Empire is a free-to-play medieval castle-building strategy game launched in 2011.

What is charcoal used for in GoodGame Empire?

It can be used to build special buildings (legendary buildings). A Charcoal Burner only gets a 100% workload for two production building (before accounting for Public Order and Laboratories), making players desperate to protect their charcoal.

How do you get the relic bakery in Goodgame Empire?

This building can be obtained in two ways, alongside with Relic Storehouse. There are : Achieving Top 50 in Beyond the Horizon Alliance contest. Spend 175000 Gold Pieces in Master Blacksmith.

Where can I find the ruby mine?

The ruby mine is a once-in-a-lifetime special offer presented to low level players (below level 25). The offer is presented as one of the events below the castle, with the name “Ruby mine”.

How do I earn rubies in Minecraft?

Player can also earn rubies throughout the game via a wide variety of methods. These include: Watching a video (20 Rubies), up to 100 Rubies per day. Spin a wheel of fortune. Sometimes give you 530 rubies or more Pay rubies in Fortune teller. Sometimes doubles your rubies after you paid

How many rubies can you mine below your castle?

The Ruby mine claims to have discovered a large amount of rubies below your castle, and offers to mine them for a one-time payment of 13200 rubies. He will give 110 rubies every day for 360 days, totalling 39600 rubies, which is three times the original price. Of course, subtracting the original 13200 rubies paid, the profit is 26400 rubies.

Are rubies a game breaking item?

Some players consider rubies to be almost “game breaking” although this is debatable as some players see them as more of a challenge when up against a “ruby player” opponent. There are a wide variety of ways for players to acquire rubies – the quickest being simply to purchase them with real world money via Goodgame Studios.


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