How do you get UU-Matter from liquid?

How do you get UU-Matter from liquid?

Fluid UU-Matter is created in the Mass Fabricator. It has a liquid form and you can use it only with the Replicator. Use the Scanner to save an item on a Crystal Memory (the scanned item is destroyed) and import the scanned item in the Pattern Storage.

What can UU-Matter make?

UU-Matter can be used to craft many different vanilla blocks and items, plus many modded/unobtainable blocks and ores, including Iridium Ore, which can be only obtained by crafting it from UU-Matter.

What is UU-Matter for?

UU-Matter (Universal Usable Matter) is an item from the IndustrialCraft2 mod. It is produced using IndustrialCraft’s Mass Fabricator (disabled by GregTech by default) or using GregTech’s Matter Fabricator. UU-Matter is mainly used to create end-game items.

How do you turn UU-Matter into Iridium?

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  1. Scan iridium ore with a scanner, save pattern.
  2. Hook mass fab up to a power supply.
  3. Pipe UU-matter from mass fab to replicator and input your iridium pattern.
  4. Feed replicator a ton of power and 22 buckets of UU-matter.

How do you make a scrap FTB?

By placing items in the Recycler and apply power (EU) to it, it will have a 12.5% chance of producing scrap. Scrap can be used to craft a Scrap Box, which contain random items. It can also be burnt in a Generator for 870 total EU .

How do I activate my Nano Saber Tech Reborn?

It must be turned on to deal maximum damage. To turn the Nano Saber on or off, simply right click with the Saber equipped. While turned on, the Nano Saber will constantly consume EU, therefore it is advised to always keep it turned off when not used.

How do you get Titanium Tech Reborn?

Titanium dust is obtained as a by-product of placing Bauxite Dust in an Industrial Electrolyzer. (2 tiny piles is obtained per 12 bauxite dust) or macerating certain ores in an Industrial Grinder. There is also a small chance that they will spawn in chests.

How do you get UU-Matter in tech reborn?

Both Scrap and Scrap Boxes can be used in the Matter Fabricator. The first one will give you 2% on the progress bar for producing a single piece of UU-Matter which means that to produce 1x UU-Matter, you will need 50x Scrap.


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