How do you log into show my homework?

How do you log into show my homework?

Click on the ‘Satchel One’ icon when you login to a school computer or go to when you’re at home. In the next section, we’re not going to type in any details (this part comes later). We’re just going to click on ‘Student’ and then ‘Sign in with Office 365’.

What is SMHW?

Show My Homework is an online homework calendar showing homework information, deadlines and attachments for students. The benefits of the system for students are: See all of your homework at the click of a button.

Who made show my homework?


How do you submit homework on show my homework?

You can also upload documents and images straight from your mobile device with the Show My Homework App. There is no “Submit” button here, but for online submissions you will see a paperclip next to your comment box. That’s it! Your homework will automatically be marked as submitted.

When was show my homework made?


How do you change your password on homework?

Once you’ve got this loaded up, click on the SMHW site and scroll down to ‘Forgot Password’. Click this and it will take you to a link that will request your email address. Fill in your email address and click reset password. SMHW will then send you an email to reset your password.

How do I reset my show my homework?

They can reset their login details by following the steps below: Click Forget Password on the Show My Homework log in page. Enter their email address to receive a password reset email. Follow instructions in password reset email to gain access to your account.


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