How do you maintain a Little League field?

How do you maintain a Little League field?

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  1. Utilize Volunteer Work Days.
  2. Mowing Techniques.
  3. Utilize Mound/Plate Clay in High Wear Areas.
  4. Keep a Basic Set of Hand Tools On Site for Field Use.
  5. Proper Ways to Rake and Drag a Field.
  6. Proper Way to Dry an Infield Skin.
  7. Maintaining Grass Edges.
  8. Preparing / Watering an Infield Skin Before a Game.

How do you maintain athletic fields?

For natural grass athletic fields, a maintenance plan based on known best practices and the latest turf science that includes mowing, fertilization, irrigation, aeration, and overseeding will keep the grass healthy year-round and provide a safe playing surface throughout the season.

How do you maintain ball fields?

Managing and Maintaining the Perfect Baseball Field

  1. Do soil test and apply what is needed.
  2. Do grade your infield.
  3. Do rake and drag after every use.
  4. Do pay attention to things off the field.
  5. Do communicate.
  6. Do not remove more than 1/3 of the growth in one mowing.
  7. Do not over water.
  8. Do not use wet fields.

How do you take care of an infield?

How are football fields maintained?

Who is the groundskeeper for Little League International?

Rob Guthrie, Turf and Groundskeeper for Little League® International in Williamsport, Pa., manages each of the playing surfaces on the Little League Baseball and Softball complex, including two World Series Stadiums.

How do you prepare a baseball field for the season?

In the spring, get the field ready for play by addressing any issues. Rebuild the mound and plate, fill holes on infield skin, edge grass line cutouts and seed any thin grass areas. Have a simple maintenance schedule through the season such as mowing, watering, infield grooming, mound/plate repair and edging.

What is the best surface for a little league field?

Consult the current Little League rules, regulations, policies for field specifications. Once built to specifications, cover with thin layer of calcine clay and keep under cover. Using clay in high wear areas will help prevent holes in these areas from forming and provide players with a much safer playing surface.

What are the best practices for field maintenance?

Over time your league will accumulate a good set of field maintenance tools. Proper raking and dragging techniques help to reduce the formation of a grass lip on an infield edge. Always rake with a grass edge not into it, and avoid pulling infield material into the grass edge.


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