How do you open the Journal in Royale high?

How do you open the Journal in Royale high?

By clicking on someone else’s in-game avatar, a player is shown the front cover of their journal, which shows the player’s roleplay name, profile picture (see Customization), Royale Age (the amount of time since they first joined the game; this may be inaccurate), and Roblox username, with the option to view their …

How do you get rid of bedhead in Royale high?

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Where is the baking class in Royale high?

Although the player is asked to bake cupcakes during baking class, the player can bake in the small side area of the Castle Cafe or in the bakery for a fee of 20 diamonds.

Can you make food in your apartment in Royale high?

Can you cook anything else than the tea kettle in your apartment? Fandom. Can you now? Nope.

Can you decorate your apartment in Royale high?

Closet The first time the player enters their apartment, the default color scheme will be purple. However, the player will be able to choose their preferred apartment color at any time by selecting the paint bucket in the closet.

How do you burn an apartment in Royale high?

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How do you stop a fire in your apartment in Royale high?

This is how you put out the fire in the apartment;Go to the kitchen.Turn on the tap and leave it running until it floods the room. This will put out the fire.When the fire is gone turn off the tap and your apartment will stop flooding.

What do you do with the kettle in Royale high?

If you were filling it up at the sink, the stove is right behind you. Place your filled kettle onto one of the black dots there. There are 6 colored dots in front of you that you can click to turn on one of the black dots’ fire. I suggest you should put your kettle on the top-left black dot.

How do you get cucumbers off in Royale high?

In the Spa, players can put Fresh Cucumbers on their faces, which can be removed by clicking the waste bin located near the hot towels or by resetting the player’s character.

How many diamonds are in Royale high new campus?

They can cost between 8 and 12 diamonds.

What is a realm in Royale high?

Realms are different areas that can be accessed by teleportation within Royale High.

Who did Callmehbob marry?


What is the rarest Halo?

A 46° halo is a rare member of the family of ice crystal halos, appearing as a large ring centred on the Sun at roughly twice the distance as the much more common 22° halo.

Who was Lizzy Winkle?

Lizzy Winkle (Lizzy_Winkle) has died. She passed away on Novem. Lizzy Winkle cause of death is confirmed to be leukemia. which she was reportedly diagnosed of when she was barely a year and 8 months old.

At what age did Lizzy_Winkle die?

15 year old

What were Lizzy_Winkle last words?

I’m crying rn. I’m keeping her family in my thoughts and prayers!

What did Lizzy_Winkle create?

The creations made by her in Royale High is the star guardian staff, flower crown (oldest), Wild Rose (Halloween wing) and many other, mostly accessories.

What is Lizzy Winkles real name?

Lizzie Louise Van Winkle


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