How do you unlink a chain link?

How do you unlink a chain link?

To disconnect this type of link, place one jaw of your pliers on the chain pin, and the other jaw on the open end of the clip. Then squeeze your pliers until the clip pops off. Then you can remove the outer plate and slide out the rest of the link.

Can you remove one link from a chain?

Hold the bike’s chain on every link side using your hands and pull it apart by wiggling it to and fro until the chain link breaks out. After separating a part of the chain links, you can remove them from the cogs or sprockets and take them out from your bicycle.

Can you shorten a bike chain?

Bike chains can lengthen due to age and use, or you may buy one that’s too long. With a few tools, a bike stand and a little time you can remove extra links, shorten the chain and make your bike rideable once again.

How do I remove the link from my Chain?

You’ll want to put some slack into the chain to make it easier to extract the link. To do this, simply put the chain on the smallest cog at the back, and the smallest ring at the front. Initially what we’re looking for is the ring below, and technically you can remove the link without using any tools what so ever.

What is the Hg-X directional chain?

A directional mountain bike specific 10-speed HG-X chain means smoother shifts, lighter weight and greater overall performance. HG-X directional chain: Outer side is optimized for front shifting and inner side is optimized for rear shifting. • Designed for MTB riding conditions: High • torque pedaling and muddy conditions.

How do you put a quick link on a chainset?

Grab one side of the chain and fit one part of the quick link into the end. Grab the other side and fit the second part of the quick link on the opposite side of the chain. Squeeze them together so that the pins are lined up on the quick link. Rotate the chainset around so that the quick link is located at the top of the chain.

How do you fix a stiff chain link?

Now using your pliers, break off the narrow end of the pin. If the link feels stiff, place the chain on the inner grooves of the chain tool closest to the handle, and tighten it just a bit until the link rotates smoothly. For more tips on loosening stiff links, see our tutorial titled “ How to loosen a stiff chain link “.


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