How long is a Seagate hard drive warranty?

How long is a Seagate hard drive warranty?

For Product sold to a Seagate OEM customer (“OEM”), the standard warranty period is: three (3) years for Notebook Storage and Desktop Storage drives; three (3) years for Consumer Electronic drives (with the exception of IronWolf Pro and SkyHawk AI drives, the warranty period is five (5) years);

Do Seagate drives have warranty?

Our limited warranties cover defects in material or workmanship in new Seagate or Maxtor products. Only consumers purchasing Seagate or Maxtor products from authorized Seagate retailers or resellers may obtain coverage under our limited warranties.

How do I know if my Seagate hard drive is original?

Some of our drives have the QR code printed on the label (see example below). Each QR code is unique and is associated with that drive S/N. This code allows our customers to verify if the product is genuine, it provides the ability to check warranty or to get more information about the drive.

How do I fix my Seagate external hard drive not detected?

Basic hardware troubleshooting steps:

  1. Try connecting the drive to a different port on the computer.
  2. If possible, try using a different cable.
  3. Try using the drive on a different computer.
  4. Verify the drive light is on.
  5. Try a different power outlet.

How do I recover files from my Seagate hard drive?

The following provides you with the procedure for restoring the most recent version of backed up files.

  1. Double-click the Seagate/Maxtor Manager icon on your Windows Desktop.
  2. Click Backup.
  3. Click Restore Files.
  4. Click Restore most recent version of a backed up file.
  5. Browse to the location of the backed up files.

How do I test my Seagate drive?

Please scan the QR code, or enter the number between the QR code and the text ‘’, as shown in the picture. …Then use this link to get more information about your drive.


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