How many awards does Linkin Park have?

How many awards does Linkin Park have?

Overall, Linkin Park has received a total of 67 awards from 197 nominations.

Did Linkin Park go platinum?

Linkin Park rose to international fame in 2000 with their debut album Hybrid Theory, which peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200. It was the seventh best-selling album of the 2000s, and certified Diamond in US and quadruple platinum in Europe….

Linkin Park discography
Demo albums 16

What awards did Chester Bennington win?

GRAMMY Award Results for Chester Bennington

  • 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards (2009) Best Hard Rock Performance. What I’ve Done.
  • 48th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2005) Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. Numb/Encore.
  • 46th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2003) Best Rock Instrumental Performance.
  • 44th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2001) Best Hard Rock Performance.

How many Grammys did Chester Bennington win?

Two-time GRAMMY winner Chester Bennington, frontman for Linkin Park and former lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots, has died by suicide at age 41, as reported by multiple outlets(opens in a new tab).

Did Hybrid Theory go diamond?

The record initially reached the diamond mark (10 million) on Jan. 7, 2005. Hybrid Theory was a huge seller right out of the gate, only needing just over two months to go platinum and just over a year and a month to go five times platinum.

Is there a greatest hits of Linkin Park?

Linkin Park has never released a GREATEST HITS album! That has been verified with them at

What I’ve done Awards?

The live version of “What I’ve Done” from Road to Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes was nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance at the 52nd Grammy Awards, but did not win….What I’ve Done.

“What I’ve Done”
Length 3:25 (album version) 3:28 (single version)
Label Warner Bros.
Songwriter(s) Linkin Park
Producer(s) Rick Rubin Mike Shinoda


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