How much does a party bus cost in Virginia Beach?

How much does a party bus cost in Virginia Beach?

The size and luxury of the party bus you want will affect the price. For example, a 10-passenger vehicle could cost $100 per hour, a 14-passenger vehicle could cost $125 per hour, and a 20-passenger vehicle could cost $150 per hour. Party bus prices will also be dictated by the season or holidays.

Do party buses have coolers?

Yes, alcoholic beverages may be consumed on board a party bus. We provide several on board coolers, ice and those red party cups.

How many people can fit on a party bus?

A standard size party bus will fit around 20-30 passengers. If you have a larger group other options, such as a larger party bus should be a better solution, as it can fit around 36-50 people.

What do party busses do?

Party buses are large vehicles that are modified to provide entertainment for passengers as they journey to their destination. Uptown Bus party buses provide a safe, comfortable and exciting ride that creates an unforgettable night out.

How much is a party bus in Virginia?

1. 15 Passenger Party Limo Bus: $400/4 hours + $100 per hour of overtime. During the week, you can book our 15 passenger limo bus in Virginia, Maryland or DC for just $400 for the first four hours plus $100 for each additional overtime hour.

Why are party busses legal?

In most cases, normal traffic laws apply to the driver and to the bus company that operates the service. Many law enforcement officers feel that party buses actually make the roads safer, since they offer a safe way for crowds to travel safely, particularly if alcohol is being consumed.

What should I wear for a party bus?

Short answer: whatever you want. Long answer: a party bus is a mobile nightclub, so ideally you should dress for it the same as you would for a nightclub. Of course, what you wear also depends on the venue you’re going to. If you’re headed to a prom, dressing in a sharp suit or an evening gown is advisable.

How many kids can fit on a party bus?

Typically a Party Bus can seat anywhere from 6 to 50 people. While there are many different sizes a Party Bus can be, they are ideal for medium to large party sizes.


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