How much does illico cost?

How much does illico cost?

*** The subscription price for access to Club illico varies: $10/month for Videotron’s Residential customers (except for Helix Internet customers who pay $15/month for the subscription) and $15/month for customers not subscribed to Videotron services.

How does Club illico work?

Club illico gives you unlimited access to loads of French-language content: original Québec productions, exclusive series, and movies. You’ll always find something to watch! You have unlimited access to content, whether you watch it on TV, online or on your iPad or Android tablet apps, and it’s so easy to access.

What is Videotron illico TV?

Illico TV is Videotron’s service that operates with the illico terminal, whereas Club illico is an on-demand viewing platform with unlimited access to more than 6,500 French-language original content, exclusive series and movies, with new features each week.

Does club illico have English movies?

Club Illico is a subscription video-on-demand service that gives you unlimited access to a generous viewing catalogue that includes movies, series, kids’ shows and documentaries. While there are some English-language titles available, the platform’s library is mostly in French.

Can I watch Videotron online?

It’s free! You can access your recordings with any Internet connection and you use Helix TV to watch your content. You can also download the Helix TV app to watch series and movies on your mobile devices.

How do I watch live TV on illico?

You can access them simply by pressing “+” on your remote control, or via the “My illico” feature (find them in the “Settings and Applications” tab). The beginning of a new era: TV that goes where you go! With illico Cloud, you can watch what you want, when you want, where you want!

What is Club illico mobile?

What is the Club illico app? The Club illico app is available to everyone, whether they’re Videotron customers or not. Users get access to a host of original productions, films, series documentaries and youth programs in French that can be watched on mobile devices and browsers.


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