How much is a 1968 Firebird worth today?

How much is a 1968 Firebird worth today?

Data based on 252 auction sales. note: The images shown are representations of the 1968 Pontiac Firebird and not necessarily vehicles that have been bought or sold at auction….Pontiac Models.

Engines Median Sale
350 CID | 320 HP $18,750
400 CID | 335 HP
250 CID | 175 HP $25,390
250 CID | 215 HP $11,600

What is the difference between a 67 and 68 Firebird?

The easiest way to distinguish a ’67 and ’68 from the front is going to be the turn signals and the grille surround color. Although the grilles look identical, the ’67 grille surround is silver, and the ’68 grille surround is black.

How much horsepower does a 68 Firebird have?

330 hp
The burly Firebird 400. For 1967, there was one version with a four-barrel rated at 325 hp. For 1968, Pontiac trotted out three iterations of the 400, one rated at 330 hp and the other two at 335 hp.

What engine came in a 1968 Firebird?


1967 Std 230 cu in (3.8 L) Pontiac SOHC I6 165 hp (123 kW) W53 “Sprint” 230 CID Pontiac SOHC I6 215 hp (160 kW)
1968 Std 250 cu in (4.1 L) Pontiac SOHC I6 175 hp (130 kW) W53 “Sprint” 250CID Pontiac SOHC I6 215 hp (160 kW)
1969 W53 “Sprint” 250 CID Pontiac SOHC I6 230 hp (172 kW)

How much did a 1968 Firebird cost in 1968?

Prices started at $2,666 for a coupe to $2,903 for a convertible. Firebird Sprint: Remained at 230 cubic inch six-cylinder four-barrel Quadrajet carburetor overhead-cam with 215 horsepower and 10.5:1 compression, heavy-duty clutch, floor-mounted three-speed, larger valves, and low restriction intake and exhaust system.

How many 67 Firebirds did they make?

All 1st-generation Firebirds were available in Coupe and Convertible body styles, and 1967 Firebird production totaled 82,560 units, made up of 67,032 Coupes and 15,528 Convertibles.

How much is a Pontiac Firebird worth?

For starters, the average 2020 auction sale price of a first-generation Pontiac Firebird is $23,460. Further breaking that figure down, a “fair” condition example will likely run anywhere from $3,500 to $17,000.


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