How much money does Don Thompson make?

How much money does Don Thompson make?

The estimated Net Worth of Donald Thompson is at least $55.1 Million dollars as of 26 May 2020. Mr. Thompson owns over 20,000 units of Royal Caribbean stock worth over $2,167,728 and over the last 15 years he sold RCL stock worth over $52,640,361.

How old is Don Thompson?

58 years (March 30, 1963)
Don Thompson/Age

Does Chris kempczinski eat mcdonalds?

“I eat it five days a week, twice a day,” says Kempczinski in the interview with TIME. “I have it every breakfast and lunch five days a week. I eat a fair bit of McDonald’s. I know my way around the menu pretty well.

Who was McDonald’s CEO before Easterbrook?

Don Thompson

Steve Easterbrook
Title Former president and CEO, McDonald’s
Term 2015–2019
Predecessor Don Thompson
Successor Chris Kempczinski

Who is the CEO of Taco Bell?

Mark King (Aug 5, 2019–)
Taco Bell/CEO
The conglomerate now has 50,000-plus restaurants in more than 150 countries and territories. The Taco Bell division of Yum! Brands has its own chief executive officer, Mark King. lists King’s 2019 compensation as $3,994,610.

What did Mcdonalds CEO say to Mayor Lightfoot?

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski is facing backlash for comments he made in a text message to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, in which he appeared to blame the death of two Black and Latino children who were killed on the childrens’ parents.

How did Chris kempczinski become CEO?

He left Kraft in September 2015. Kempczinski joined the McDonald’s global strategy team in late 2015, and was promoted to president of McDonald’s USA in October 2016 where he oversaw the business operations of approximately 14,000 restaurants. In November 2019, he succeeded Steve Easterbrook as president and CEO.

Where was Steve Easterbrook born?

Watford, United Kingdom
Steve Easterbrook/Place of birth

How long did Steve Easterbrook work for Mcdonalds?

Mr Easterbrook, 54, first worked for McDonald’s in 1993 as a manager in London before working his way up the company. He left in 2011 to become boss of Pizza Express and then Asian food chain Wagamama, before returning to McDonald’s in 2013, eventually becoming its chief executive in 2015.

Why did McDonald’s pay Don Thompson $3 million?

Barely a month after sending former CEO Don Thompson packing for failing to turn around years of weak sales, McDonald’s has decided to pay him $3 million more to serve as a consultant over the rest of the year. Thompson was chased out of the top job less than three years after taking it.

How much does Klay Thompson make a year?

As for Thompson, his pay included a base salary of $979,167 and stock awards of $660,129. His pay increase came mostly from his option awards, which rose to $3.2 million from $785,902, and his incentive pay, which rose to $8.6 million from $1.5 million.

What percentage of Thompson’s compensation comes from base salary?

Base salary formed just 9 percent of Thompson’s $9.5 million total compensation package in 2013. The largest single chunk — 37 percent — came from the company’s annual performance-based cash compensation program, which it calls TIP.

What happened to Tom Thompson at Target?

Thompson was chased out of the top job less than three years after taking it. His tenure was marred by weak performance in the stock market, slipping sales, and massive labor strife as worker strikes spread from New York City to all corners of the U.S.


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