How old is will dzombak?

How old is will dzombak?

28 years old
At just 28 years old, Will Dzombak is living a dream in the music industry.

What gang is Taylor Gang?

Taylor Gang Entertainment is an American entertainment company. It operates as an independent record label, music management, music production and film company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania co founded by rapper Wiz Khalifa….Taylor Gang.

Album Title Year
TGOD Vol. 1 2016
Taylor Gang Vol. 2 2014
TGOD Mafia: Rude Awakening 2016

How old is Wiz Khalifa?

34 years (September 8, 1987)
Wiz Khalifa/Age

What is Wiz Khalifa Manager name?

Will Dzombak. In 2007, during his college days at Penn State, Dzombak booked Wiz Khalifa for a local gig. When the rapper’s housing fell through, Dzombak hosted him for the weekend, and the two became friends. Dzombak quickly signed on as manager and has since helped Khalifa earn more than $100 million.

Who is Juicy J’s manager?

Will Dzombak is one of the entertainment industry’s most prominent names in music management, best known for his role in growing the career of Grammy-nominated rapper Wiz Khalifa and his Taylor Gang Entertainment.

Is Berner still signed to Taylor Gang?

Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr., better known by his stage name Berner, is an American rapper and entrepreneur signed to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Entertainment….Berner (rapper)

Years active 2007–present
Labels Bern One Entertainment Taylor Gang

What is the rapper Berners real name?

Gilbert Milam Jr.
Berner/Full name

Who is Taylor Gang?

Wiz Khalifa (Cameron Jibril Thomaz), a rap artist known best for his 2011 hit “Black and Yellow,” came up with the name as a tribute to his Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania high school, Taylor Allderdice, as well as a reference to the Chuck Taylor shoes the artist favors. Taylor Gang is more than just a group identity, though.

Who is Taylor Gang Ent?

In 2014, Dzombak partnered with Khalifa to officially launch Taylor Gang Ent., inspired by the loyal and organic fanbase Khalifa built over the years.

What is Taylor Gang and why is Wiz Khalifa involved?

Taylor Gang is more than just a group identity, though. As Wiz described it in a 2011 interview, Taylor Gang is a way of life involving getting high and making money. In 2008, Wiz Khalifa started Taylor Gang Entertainment, a music and film production company based in Pittsburgh.

What are taylortaylor gang licensing deals?

Taylor Gang Ent. partnered with brands to create licensing deals, most notably, Grenco Science in 2014 for a series of vaporizer products and Neff to produce a special 26-piece apparel collection composed of T-shirts, jerseys and hats, which were a creative collaboration among the label’s artists and Neff.


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