How reliable is VW Touran?

How reliable is VW Touran?

Is a used Volkswagen Touran MPV reliable? Volkswagen as a brand has struggled of late in our reliability surveys. Our most recent one put it in 22nd place out of 32 manufacturers. However, the Touran has a good record, despite its long life and many incarnations.

Where are VW Tourans made?

VW has started production of the all-new Touran MPV at its main plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. The first new production VW Touran was an Oryx White vehicle in the Highline equipment level, fitted with the 1.4-liter TSI BlueMotion Technology petrol engine producing 150 PS (148hp).

What’s the difference between a VW Touran and Sharan?

The important thing to note is that the Sharan is the larger of the two. It’s 33cm longer, 7.5cm wider and 6cm taller than the Touran. That gives the latter a more aerodynamic look, but the Sharan puts the extra space to great use when it comes to the interior.

What Touran means?

The name ‘Touran’ is derived from the combination of ‘Tour’ and ‘Sharan’. Despite the similarity of their names, the Touran is not related to the North American market Volkswagen Routan. Along with the Renault Scénic, it is the most popular compact MPV in Europe.

Can you get a 5 seater Touran?

The Touran only comes to the UK as a seven-seater, but the third row of seats fold flat into the floor giving the option of five seats with a large boot.

What is a Volkswagen Touran called?

Depending on the location of the dealership, the Volkswagen Touran may be dubbed as the Golf Touran. For formality, a Volkswagen Touran is different from a Volkswagen Golf or a Volkswagen Routan.

Is the Volkswagen Touran a good MPV?

Volkswagen Touran Review 2021 | What Car? What Car? says… The Volkswagen Touran is a well-established MPV hero. Over the years it’s scooped up an impressive number of What Car? MPV of the Year awards, and there are plenty of reasons why.

How long do Volkswagen Touran last?

After a long, 12-year lifespan, the original Touran has been replaced by one founded on the Volkswagen Group’s £50 billion MQB platform. This new Touran is longer and slightly wider than the previous model, but it is also much better packaged, according to company claims.

Is the Touran a good hatchback?

A Golf, only with seven-seats and, erm, little else besides. But we’re not complaining. The Golf ranks among our favourite hatchbacks, so the Touran really ought to be good. And it is, if a bit worthy.


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