How to kill yourself in Rust

How to kill yourself in Rust

Rust is love, Rust is life. Our life if 2020 adds a bit more to the fucking hell we are already in. I shit you not, it is a full-on simulator of what awaits us if Coronavirus, aliens or Trump wins. And if you have ever played Rust, you have pretty good chances to see the dawn of a new world.

If you take DayZ, mate it with Minecraft, add a shitton of action, and a pinch of RPG — voila, you have it, Rust as it is. An open-world survival game that itself survived a lot before it became as we know it. If you saw it while it was on Steam Early Access, you wouldn’t recognize many things — particularly the graphics and, to some extent, the gameplay. So today, when you open Rust, you appear in the middle of  nowhere on a huge randomly generated map with the only goal — to survive in the epic fight. Or just die, it’s up to you buddy.

But fighting and killing either players or animals is what Rust got from DayZ. But where is Minecraft, you can ask. Everywhere, I will answer. In Rust, you can build whatever comes to your sick mind as long as you can hide there. Yeah, you got it right — you need to build a shelter. If you want to hide inside a tacky mansion, do for it. Imagine yourself a cozy little wood cabin camouflaged among trees? Easy. The best part is that there are enough recourses to build the castle of your dream. But should you?

But that’s not it about the gameplay. If you are sick and tired of fighting and see no point in simulating Sims decorating your hovel, you can always entertain yourself with a good old suicide! Neat, huh? Just imagine how you get home all tired after a fucked up day, launch Rust, kill yourself and bam! all the tension is gone. Not like it was designed as the goal of the game, but works pretty nice.

There are so many ways to kill yourself that it will never get boring. And it’s useful. If you are lost somewhere at this endless land, your way out may be a suicide. When a player dies, they will return home to a cozy warm bed or a sleeping bag, but with a completely empty backpack. And no, you cannot return to the point of death and grab your stuff. They are lost forever. RIP.

A bed or a sleeping bag mark your place of resurrection. But if you have none of those, you are doomed to adventures, appearing in a random place on the beach. So be careful when using that rust suicide command.

Having many sleeping bags can become an easy way to travel. Since you can pick up or put in you bag at any place, after the suicide command you can wake up where your other bed is waiting for you. You can use as many sleeping bags as you need, just remember about the rollback — it takes 300 seconds for all the bags within a radius of 20 foundations from the last used to get active again. The same story is with beds, but you need to wait only 120 seconds because it is a fancy ass-shit bed.

Two more valid reasons to kill yourself are these. If you are bored to hell with the place you explore and have zero valuable with you, you can get home is seconds instead of wondering about. Or if you’re just curious. Why wouldn’t it be a legit reason?

And, of course, you can choose how you want to die. You can go ФАЛ and die literally doing nothing. You can become a great meal for animals and mutants or surrender to other players. Oh yeah, don’t forget about good old radiation.

But if you have no time for this shit, just go and type a command, you lazy . Open the console with F1, enter the rust kill command, and you are fucking done!



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