How to Manually Update Rand McNally Maps?

How to Manually Update Rand McNally Maps?

Rand McNally is one of the outstanding brands of navigation devices which is humongous in the market today. There are bounteous products for Rand McNally and all the services consist of Rand McNally maps which help very beneficial for the users in finding locations and reaching their desired destination by giving the correct navigation. There are two kinds of techniques that you can follow to avail the information concerned with the update Rand McNally maps. In this blog, you will find the easy steps through which you can carry out the process to update the maps in the Rand McNally device that you are using.

So, by utilizing these steps you will enable yourself to Manually Update Rand McNally maps on your particular device. There are two methods by which you will get to know that the Rand McNally products that you have installed needs an update regarding the maps.

  1. It would notify you about the update and would also ask you to update the software and the maps in it.
  2. When you will visit the docking station of your Rand McNally product, you will be able to see the update option on the front window of the software.

Steps to help you Update Rand McNally Maps

  • You have to make sure that the system is connected to the high-speed internet.
  • Then, you are required to download the dock station of the Rand McNally software.
  • After that, you have to go to the search bar in your default browser and enter Rand McNally lifetime maps.
  • Now, you need to choose the search option for Rand McNally dock software and visit the website.
  • Then, by the website you need to download the software as per the operating system for windows and Mac.
  • Then, as the software get downloaded, you are required to open the software and continue to operate.
  • Then, you are necessitated to the install shield wizard where you will start with the installation of the software.
  • Hit next and accept the condition and terms regarding the software and wnsure the license agreement.
  • Now you have to click on Install. Before hitting the Install button, you have to connect the device which you want to update.
  • Once you connect the device to the system, you will see the display connected on the screen.
  • Now, you need to install the shield window by hitting YES and continue with further steps.
  • Follow all the steps of the install shield wizard very carefully and then select your preferred language.
  • Now hit the finish it once you are done with the process.
  • Now, open the window from your dock software and check the updates.
  • Do it first.
  • Now, once the download of the update is over, you have to transfer it to the device.
  • If you are a new user to Rand McNally then you have to register before updating.
  • And, when you do this then you have to go to the update section where you can update the maps.
  • Continue with the process of update and wait for the update to download.
  • As the download completes install the update.
  • Now, when the updates gets over you will get a prompt message on your display which says update is completed.
  • Click on the Back button
  • Finally, follow the remaining process carefully and you device maps will be updated and you can disconnect the updates now and end the process.

So, by following these manual steps you will easily be able to do Rand McNally maps update. Just in case, if you are seeking any type of further help or assistance then you may visit the website and search for more valuable solutions.


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