Is Cloncurry safe?

Is Cloncurry safe?

There are a few rougher streets – mainly just behind the railway track (Uhr and Seymour) but apart from that this town is really safe.

What is Cloncurry known for?

‘The Curry’, as Cloncurry is affectionately known by locals, is most famous for being the birthplace of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS). Conceived and launched by the Reverend John Flynn in the 1920s, this flying medical service is just as integral to the people of the outback today as it ever was.

Does Cloncurry have crocodiles?

A THREE metre freshwater crocodile has been sighted this week at Cloncurry’s Chinaman Creek Dam. “Most people in Cloncurry know the crocs are in there, but they are usually much smaller and tend to stay away and mind their own business.

Who owns Cloncurry airport?

Cloncurry Shire Council
Cloncurry Airport (IATA: CNJ, ICAO: YCCY) is an airport in Cloncurry, Queensland, Australia….

Cloncurry Airport
Operator Cloncurry Shire Council
Location Cloncurry, Queensland
Elevation AMSL 616 ft / 188 m

Can you swim in Cloncurry?

Access to the lake is by a sealed road and offers a picturesque shoreline drive. The lake is good for swimming and water sports, fishing and picnicking. Take the Highway towards Cloncurry for approximately 30 kilometres.

Does Cloncurry have a river?

The river has a length of about 900 kilometres (560 mi) and has a drainage basin of about 47,344 square kilometres (18,280 sq mi). The watershed south of the town of Cloncurry occupies an area of 5,975 square kilometres (2,307 sq mi).

What is mined around Cloncurry?

An operating copper-gold mine located 2 kms south of Cloncurry. The Great Australian Mine was discovered by the explorer Ernest Henry in the 1867, and Cloncurry was settled to service this mine and others nearby which were developed subsequently.

What is mined in Cloncurry?

Copper is at the town’s core To this day, Cloncurry’s core industries remain copper and gold mining.

Where is Cloncurry survivor filmed?

Chinaman Creek Dam
They began filming in April at Chinaman Creek Dam and properties around the area and the town was buzzing with contestants and workers from the show for a couple of months. At that time Cloncurry Mayor Greg Campbell expected up to a $5 million boost to the local economy.

Does Cloncurry have an airport?

The Cloncurry Airport, located on Sir Hudson Fysh Drive operates five days a week for both Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) and regular passenger transport services. Qantaslink flies from Cloncurry to Townsville via Mount Isa on Monday and Tuesday.

What happened to the town of Mary Kathleen?

When the mine closed for the second time, the town was also closed. The last inhabitants left in 1984 and a major rehabilitation project was undertaken. The town was entirely demolished. Artifacts can be seen in the Cloncurry/Mary Kathleen Memorial Park and Museum in Cloncurry.

Can you swim at Mary Kathleen?

this is one ‘lake’ you DO NOT want to swim in! Being an open cut mine site, you have to be aware of potential safety hazards – tripping and falling into the blue lake wouldn’t be very good for you. Research has shown that the lake IS radioactive – but not to the high levels you’d get at a nuclear power reactor.


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