Is EXO coming back 2021?

Is EXO coming back 2021?

Can EXO Make a Comeback as Full-Group This Year? Unfortunately for fans who want Suho and Chen to join an EXO comeback this 2021, the idea is highly unlikely to happen. The two members need to continuously serve the military until February and April next year, respectively.

Is EXO still 2020 band?

2020–present: Focus on solo activities and group comeback. In February 2020, SM Entertainment revealed that Exo members would prioritize solo and unit activities for 2020, due to hiatuses from the group by several members while serving their military enlistment.

Who left in EXO 2020?

Industry insiders say the six remaining members – Baekhyun, Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun, Chen and Suho – have used that time productively.

Will EXO renew their contract?

Actually, EXO’s Korean members contract won’t end in 2022. Back in the end of 2019, Suho opened up about their contract length in Radio Star. The contract length is about 10 years from 2012. However, since they have to enlist, their contract still have about 4 years (from 2019).

Is EXO coming back after military?

Their contracts end in April 2022 and both Kai and Sehun are expected to enlist in 2023. So by the time their contracts end both Chen and Suho will be back from the military while Chanyoel and Baekhyun will still be in the military and will only return by the end of 2022.

Are exo still popular?

But that point is now gone. You can’t compare their popularity as of now because half of the exo members are busy with military, while bts is really active. But exo still topping brand reputation in groups and winning awards even without a comeback tells us that their fanbase in korea is huge.

Is exo ever coming back?

Yes, they are still together, their contract with SM expires in 2022, but as there will still be members serving, that decision may be left until 2024, when Kai and Sehun return from the army.

Is exo going to lay back?

Lay is all set to mark his return to EXO after five years! Making the comeback extra special is the confirmation that the band will launch their new album, ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling. ‘ This exciting update also comes in time for the ninth anniversary of the Korean-Chinese boy band.

How long is SM contract?

The contract length is about 10 years from 2012. However, since they have to enlist, their contract still have about 4 years (from 2019). So, it will probably end by 2023–2024. Lay, however, don’t have to enlist.

What will happen if exo leave SM?

SM would just carry on with new projects . EXO is one of the most successful kpop group formed by SM entertainment and one of the highest money making group for the company so there would be huge loss economically. Overall, EXO leaving SM entertainment is neither good for the company nor for fans.


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