Is G&H decoys still in business?

Is G&H decoys still in business?

The G&H Decoys company started in a building with a pot bellied stove back in 1934. They’re still at it and hope to continue as long as ducks and geese arrive every fall. This is the third generation family company that’s now run by 84-year-old Duck Gazalski.

Are G&H decoys good?

Their quality has definitely gone downhill. I have several hundred G&H decoys and that is mostly what I would buy until having the same problems with newer decoys that you are experiencing but a lot worse on some decoys. The old ones still look great.

Where are G&H decoys made?

Henryetta, Oklahoma
All of G&H’s decoys are painted and assembled by hand. The G&H decoy factory and showroom is located in Henryetta, Oklahoma and has been in continuous operation since 1934. Today this family-owned and -operated business, now in its third generation, is the last major American-made decoy company.

What decoys to use for mallards?

Decoy Species There’s nothing wrong with setting out an all-mallard spread. However, two refinements can add realism and attraction to a spread. The white on pintail drakes and the all-dark bodies of black ducks will make a spread more visible and help capture passing ducks’ attention.

What duck decoys should I buy?

Many people use a mix of mallards, black ducks, and pintails for their visibility and good pulling power. As far as the number of decoys to use, 12 to 24 puddle duck decoys is a good range for most people, with fewer than 18 being about right for a solo hunter to set up alone.

How do you get ducks to land in your decoys?

Try placing the spinning wing decoys at the front edge of your decoy spread with the head pointing into the wind and towards the rest of your decoy spread. This will make it look like a duck is just preparing to land which can add some comfort to the incoming ducks.

What are goose silhouettes made of?

tempered spring steel
They are made from tempered spring steel. Steel will not deform when being inserted into the hardest of soil. For added protection, our stakes are powder coated (not painted) black to eliminate rust and to blend with the decoy and surrounding.

How many mallard decoys are there?

Will geese land in duck decoys?

Most of the time, geese will try to land right between the two groups of decoys.” Wettish also believes that decoy placement is critical when hunting with a small spread. “On ponds and in small fields, you need to watch the birds once or twice before you hunt them,” he says.


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