Is it bad to watch TV while studying?

Is it bad to watch TV while studying?

It can help ease the mind, so one does not feel isolated. Interestingly, a research done by Ohio State University (, found that watching television while studying makes the student feel “emotionally satisfied”, but will not make them perform at their best ability.

Does watching TV affect grades?

Watching television and playing video games may affect students’ grades, but more research is needed looking at how multi-screen use might impact learning. The study found that time spent on social media was not associated with an impact to grades.

How does multitasking affect college student success?

In a survey that probed the multitasking habits of more than 350 college students, UConn researchers found that students who multitasked while doing homework had to study longer, and those who frequently multitasked in class had lower grades on average than their peers who multitasked less often.

How does listening to music affect studying?

Music and Improved Performance More recent studies have found that listening to music you enjoy can boost your mood, which intensifies mental focus and improves willpower to keep you successfully on task, even when you’d rather be doing something else.


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