Is Jools Holland a good piano player?

Is Jools Holland a good piano player?

Jools Holland is probably the only person with a record in the charts who could make you play air piano. A supremely accomplished joanna-basher since his teens and a founder member of the chart-topping band Squeeze, he has become, in the past decade, a kind of impresario of musical togetherness.

Did Jools Holland have piano lessons?

“I was pretty much self-taught. I got sent to music lessons because they could hear I had a sort of a gift for playing by ear.

What piano grade is Jools Holland?

Sure, I passed my grade 8 easy enough, and I never really practiced as much as I could have.

What piano does Jools Holland play?

Jools Holland on boogie-woogie piano technique – Pianist.

Does Jools Holland read music?

“I learned to play long before I could read music and that makes complete sense to me. After all, children learn to speak before they read or write,” he says. “However, while I did much of the groundwork myself, when I was in secondary school I had a music teacher who was incredibly inspirational.

Who played piano on uncertain smile?

The most-familiar version, which was recorded for the Soul Mining album, replaced the saxophone with a lengthy Jazz piano solo by Squeeze’s Jools Holland (better known now as the host of BBC’ TV’s music show Later).

What is Jools Holland famous for?

Depending on who you talk to, the irrepressible Jools Holland is best known as a blisteringly energetic, piano-pounding performer of boogie-woogie, jazz, and R&B; or as the keyboard-wizard sideman to one of the great new wave pop bands of the ’70s and ’80s; or as one of the U.K.’s most popular television presenters.

What movie is uncertain smile?

It was used as the opening song for the movie I Feel Pretty (2018).

When was Soul Mining released?

October 21, 1983
Soul Mining/Release date


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