Is March good time to visit Italy?

Is March good time to visit Italy?

March is one of the best month to visit Italy, a lovely time when the country moves from the winter into the spring season.

How warm is Italy in March?

Some average temperature ranges for different parts of Italy in March are: Northern Italy: 35-55°F (2-13°C) Central Italy: 45-60°F (7-16°C) Southern Italy: 50-60°F (10-16°C)

Where in Italy is warm in March?

Are you looking for sun and warm weather? The best place in Southern Italy to visit in March would definitely be Sicily. As the southernmost Italian region, it’s definitely the place that sees the most sunshine and warmest temperatures, routinely topping 20°C during the day.

Is March a good time to visit the Amalfi Coast?

Amalfi Coast Weather in March For some, March is the best time to visit the Amalfi Coast since the majority of the locals are back from their February vacations, and busy transforming the place ahead of the forthcoming summer season.

What should I pack for Italy in March?

What to Wear in Italy in March

  • All types of Boots. Though I am a big fan of knee-high boots, most locals these days are wearing ankle or mid-calf boots.
  • Thick Peacoat.
  • Small messenger and cross-body bags.
  • Dark skinny jeans.
  • Cool, European-style tennis/walking shoes.
  • Low-top Converse.
  • Scarves.
  • Dark, muted colors.

What month is best in Italy?

The best time to visit Italy is during spring and fall, when temperatures are comfortable and there are fewer crowds. The scenery is vibrant, prices are lower, and the weather is ideal for exploring all the country has to offer.

Is spring a good time to visit Italy?

Can you swim in Amalfi in March?

Temperatures are milder and the days are longer in March, making it an ideal climate for taking walks and visiting the towns along the coast, despite the frequent rain showers. The sea is still too cold to swim, however!

Can you go to Capri in March?

The Weather in March March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, so at the beginning of the month, there may be rainy days mixed with afternoons of sunshine. Temperatures tend to be cool, especially in the evening, and the sea water temperatures are still too low to comfortably swim.


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