Is NFS shift good?

Is NFS shift good?

Need for Speed: Shift has a good selection of cars and plenty of varied tracks (ranging from small ovals and a figure-eight track to lengthy street and grand prix circuits) to race them on. Other than a somewhat interesting experience system, though, it offers nothing that hasn’t already been done better elsewhere.

Is NFS Shift realistic?

The most recent development in the Need for Speed series, Need for Speed: SHIFT, makes a radical departure from the norm. SHIFT concentrates on providing the player with a realistic style of game play, offering the opportunity to pursue a career in officially sanctioned races on both real-world and fictional tracks.

Is NFS arcade a shift?

Need for Speed: Shift is the thirteenth installment of the racing video game franchise Need for Speed. Shift’s gameplay focuses on simulation, rather than the arcade racing of previous titles.

Is NFS Shift 2 a good game?

SHIFT 2 is a masterpiece. Working physics (handling,RWD,FWD,AWD, working suspension, car reacts to every action you do, the new inside helmet view is awesome) , overall the game is a huge achievement! Well it has some flaws too , some cars missing the “arm wheel” movement sometimes, flickering textures,shadows…

When did Need for Speed Shift come out?

September 15, 2009
Need for Speed: Shift/Initial release dates

Is NFS Shift 2 realistic?

Racing video games are often a bit less than realistic. Because racing is hard, and people play games for fun. But Need For Speed’s Shift 2 Unleashed is working to mix in a little more of the gritty realism of life on the track.

Who made Need for Speed Shift?

Slightly Mad Studios
Electronic ArtsEA Bright Light
Need for Speed: Shift/Developers

How long is NFS Shift?

When focusing on the main objectives, Need for Speed: Shift is about 12½ Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 30 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is there clutch in NFS heat?

Need for speed heat does not have the analogue clutch option (manual mode) it was there in need for speed payback and it was the best feature, and now you cant change the controls and they made the clutch in L1 R1.

How many laps of Nordschleife did you do in NFS Shift?

When I started playing NFS Shift, I had done over 3700 laps of Nordschleife in GT4, and I immediately noticed certain differences (improvements) in the game experience, particularly with elevation changes, car physics, and the sheer texture variation of the track.

Is Need for Speed Shift a real game?

Need for Speed: Shift is the thirteenth main entry in the Need for Speed series released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Mobile Phones, and PlayStation Portable. It is said to be a “hardcore racing simulation” and a more realistic entry in the Need for Speed franchise.

How do I unpack need for Speed Shift mods?

Description For several Need for Speed Shift mods you need to unpack the game files. To unpack the files, run the.bat file included in this download. Once the game is unpacked, you can use these new unpacked files by adding the “-loose” parameter to your shift.exe shortcut.

What is the difference between NFS and GT?

The other big difference is that GT’s handling is generally more crisp and less bouncy, but sometimes lacks the gritty feel of the pavement which you get with NFS:S. Cars in NFS:S usually feel very soft, and of course there is a lot of lateral weight transfer and rear sway.


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